Saturday, 30 November 2013

2013 Nov 29 ChitravINA N Ravikiran , Akkarai Subhalakshmi, Anoor Ananthakrishna Sharma, Guruprasanna, NMKRV

Concert organised in follow up to chitravINA N ravikiran being awarded sagIta sAmraT - National Award in memory of Sri vINA L rAjA rAo

Had a very short visit to the concert hall, (spent almost waiting for an hour) for the concert to start due to speeeeeeeeeeech that followed the award function. 

Even though I'm not a fan of these speeches, this one was pretty interesting as it highlighted the talent exibited by  Ravikiran during his younger days at Mysore and Bangalore :)

Track List

01 varNa - sarasUDa - sAvEri

02 ora jUbuju - kannaDagauLa - tyAgarAja

03 srI mAtrubhUtam - kannaDa

had to leave at this point. Even though the concert started at 7.40 .. i assume it would have ended pretty early, cutting short an opportunity for a great concert. From the very go the veterns on the stage were in 200% sync and I believe they would have had a great time throughout the concert.

Sunday, 17 November 2013

2013 Nov 29 - RaGa sisters, HM Smitha, HS Sudheendra SN NarayanaMurthy @ nAdasurabhi

Vocal : Vid(s) Ranjani and Gayathri
Violin     : Vid H.M.Smitha
Mridanga : Vid  H.S.Sudhindra
Ghata : Vid S.N.Narayanamurthy

01 evari bOdhana vini - abhOgi - Adhi - patNam subramhaNya iyer (s)

02 venkaTEshA daya mADo - sahana - P.dasa

03 nI vAdanE gAna - sAranga - jhampa - thyAgarAja  (A, N S)
Nereval @ sathyambu
Swara @ sathyambu

04 nannu brOvu lalita - lalita - m.cApu - shyAmA shAstri

05 jagadishwari kripai - mOhana - thiruvarur ramasami  pillai adi 2 kalai (A S T)
Swara @ jagadishwari and Tani

06 marivEre gathi nAkevaru - MALavi - Adhi - GNB

07 nATakapriya - rtp
Misra jhampa 2 kalai .. gopucha pattern
Vasumahitaam sumahitaam mahitaam hitaam taam aashraye nATakapriyAm
Off samam 2 beats ... starts at 3rd beat
RAgamAlika hamsadhwani. .KAnaDa. .rEvati. . dEsh. .

08 viruttum - kadalAgi kashindu kaNNi - sAvEri..brindAvana sAranga bEhAg. .

09 idadAno tillai sthalam - bEhAg

10 yAke kadegaNNinda nODuve - Ahir bhairav

11 abhang - bholAva viTTala

12 mangalam

On a gloomy day (I dont need to remind that SRT retired today) even as the almighty was weeping profusely, really needed something special to uplift my mood. RaGa sisters did a great job in doing so by bringing in some special compositions for this concert.

Took a calculated risk of leaving home earlier than normal. To my surprise, the hall was fairly full by 5.30 even though it was raining all afternoon. By that time, even artists had arrived.

A welcome note to a gloomy evening was done through AbhOgi varNa

Sisters always make an attempt to sing few (new) kannada songs when they perform in Bangalore. So did they with Venkatesha daya mADo. Even though it was a repeat of rAga , the composition was neatly rendered without any frills.

sAranga Alapane had masterly touch dwelled in good length.  nEreval and swaras were equally good and violinist traced them well.

Lalita followed as a filler.

Gayathri presented the mOhana AlApane, repeating the excellence in every sangati performed. jagadIshwari presented for the first time to Bangalore audience was dwelled well. Missed nereval and directly jumped into kalpana swaras.

mAlavi filler was followed by nAtakapriya RTP. A refreshing change from the routine rAgAs. Was quick to recognise it. Violinist HM Smitha needs a special mention here. She showed her talent par excellence in each return she played for Alapane and tAna.

gOpuchha pallavi was pretty elegant. a tough tAla with and eDUpu posed a good challenge to all accompaniments and especially HS Sudheendra enjoyed playing to this piece.

routine fillers followed last 30 mins of the concert.

Bangalore audience was on their toes to listen to the fillers,(may be like someone who attends a dinner only for desserts leaving away the main course). I wish they lookout for something new rather than the same 2 abhang every time. Artists were compelled to sing this one.

The standout piece of the day was RTP and not to forget the upcoming violinist HM Smitha. May be its time to announce she has arrived ! She is going to make it into the big league of good accompanists.

Friday, 15 November 2013

2013 Nov 15 Malladi Brothers, HK Venkatram, Tumkur B Ravishankar, G Guruprasanna @ nAdasurabhi

Vocal Duet  : Malladi Brothers Vid Sriram Prasad and Ravikumar  
Violin         : Vid H.K.Venkatram
Mridangam  : Vid Tumkur B Ravishankar     
Khanjira     : Vid Guruprasanna                     

01 sarasijanAbha kAmbOdhi aTa varNa swAthi thirunAL (Sketch of rAga and sung as pada varNa)

02 E panikO janminchitinani nannencha valadu shri asAvEri Adi thyAgarAja (Sketch , Swara @ vAlmIkAdi)

03 shrI tuLasamma mayinta nelakonavamma dEvagAndhAri Adi thyAgarAja

04 shrI dUm durgE shiva sAmsarge chidrasavarge Shriranjani KEka m.dhIkshitar (A)

05 kOrina vara mosagumayya kOdanDa rAmapriyA rUpaka paTNam subramaNiya Iyer (A, N S) 

06 marivEre Ananda bhairavi m.cApu shyAmA shAstri

07 emi neramu nannu brOva yenta bharamu navalla shaNkarAbharaNa Adi thyAgarAja (A, N, S, T)

08 rAga tAna pallavi jaganmOhini c.tripuTa 2 kaLai 
rAgamAlika - mOhana sAvEri shaNmukhapriyA

Pallavi Line : 
Sharanagata janarkashi nannu kapave janani
karunakari kameshwari jagadishwari katyayani

09 abhayadaayakuda vani nive gati Bauliramakriya aNNammAchArya

10 sundara mUruti mukhya prANa janjhUTi Adi p.dAsa

11 dasharatha rama gOvinda nsmamu daya choodu mukhAri chApu

12 khEelati pindAnde bhagavAn sindhubhairavi Adi Sadashiva Brahmendra

13 nI nAma rUpamulaku-sourAshtra-Adhi-thyAgarAja

2013 Nov 14 Sajay Subrahmanyan, HK Venkatram, KU JayachandraRao, Bangalore Rajashekar @ nAdasurabhi

Vocal          :Vid. Sanjay Subrahmanyan   
Violin         : Vid. H.K.Venkatram             
Mridangam  : Vid. K.U.Jayachandra Rao    
Morsing      : Vid. Rajasekhar                  

01 chalamu hindOLa Adi varNa Tiger varadAchAr

02 sObillu saptaswara jaganmOhini rUpaka thyAgarAja (N dhara rig sAmA,  s)

03 AndhOLikA vAhanane Anandabhairavi m.cApu swAthi thirunAL (A)

04 onde manadali bhajisi chArukEshi p.dAsa (A, N, S)

05 siva kAma sundari mukhAri p.sivan

06 parama pAvana rAma pUrvikalyANi Adi pUchi SrinivAsa Iyengar (A, N @ Kanakambaradhara , S, T)

07 Evvare rAmayya gAngEyabhUshani

08 rAga tAna pallavi sahana Adi 2kalai 
Pallavi : rAma ika nannu brOva rAda, daya lEda srI
rAgamAlika in AbhEri.. ranjani.. sAlaga bhairavi.. kuntalavarali.. kApi..

09 chinnam chiru kiLiye-rAgamAlike-thishra chApu-subrahmaNya bhArathi

10 karpUram nArumO-khmAas-aNDAL nAciyAr tirumozhi

11 nI nAma rUpamulaku-sourAshtra-Adhi-thyAgarAja

While I agree with Jayan in his review, Im just adding my views on the concert. When you have already tasted and still sulking under the achievement of a double century, you would certainly feel tasteless when you reach a 100 in the very next innings. We would not even have come to terms with the glory of 200. I had the same experience when i came out of the concert in comparison to what I heard in Bangalore Gayana Samaja a couple of weeks back.

Concert was indeed a cracker at the same venue by the same artist. The dhanyAsi of last year music festival at nAdasurabhi is still lingering in my ears 

Arrangements at the venue has improved and over a period of time the hall has got used to the music system.  Certainly this place has one of the best accoustics as compared to other veteran sabhas in Bangalore. Parking space too is ample enough to accomodate the vehicles ferrying the audience.

Coming to the concert, I was in a dilemma to place a request for a song / not. finally decided "Not to" as the master would have already prepared to delivery a century.

And everything that happened after that is history. From the very word Go, Sanjay demonstrated the same form that other master (#SRT) demonstrated earlier during the day. It also reminds me of the introduction at the beginning of the concert, when the organiser drew a parallel between Sachin and Sanjay. (BTW.. I admire both of them)

First of my favorites came right after the varNa.. sObillu saptasawara. It was presented with all grandeur (for a song no 2 in the concert) of a soulful nereval.

The moment i heard the first notes of Anandabhairavi flowing down, the same AndOLikA vahanane came to my mind as i had read a review of the same song being presented to Chennai audience a couple of days back, and i was wondering when would Sanjay treat us with this song. And the hunch became a reality. One would certainly get carried away with the soulful rendering of Sanjay's rendition of Anandabhairavi.

It was indeed heartening to listen to a new kannaDa composition by Sanjay (in the month of Karnataka Rajyotsava)

I had never heard a pUrvikalyANi presentation by Sanjay inspite of attending a good number of his concerts. Really enjoyed the alapane and kriti. A 3 hr concert of Sanjay can never end without an RTP and the treatment of Sahana by Sanjay had masterly touch. 

HKV could have scaled better heights understanding his potential and performances that I have seen earlier. KUJ and BRR played as a team throughout the concert. 

Overall an excellent experience listening to a masterly performance by Sanjay and his team.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

2013 Oct 27 Sanjay Subrahmanyan, S Varadaraj, Neyveli Venkatesh, KV Gopalakrishnan @ 45th BGS Music Conference

This concert requires a special review. Hats off to the master.

Vocal      : Vid Sanjay Subrahmanyan
Violin     : Vid S Varadarajan
Mrudangam  : Neyveli B Venkatesh
Khanjira   : K V Gopalakrishnan

Song list:

01  ninnu kOri ( varNam)  mALavi - Calcutta Krishnamurthy

02 brOva samayamidE rAmayya - gowri manOhari - Garabhapurivasa  ( S )

03  sArasadaLa nayana - khamAs - m.dhIkshitar ( A )

04  mahA tripurasundari - bhairavi - Pallavi Gopala Iyer ( A,N,S)

neraval & swara @ ‘ kAppAdutaki ippuDu samayamammA kamanIyamaku bangAru bomma’

05  praNatArthihara prabhO purArE - mELarAgamAlika - 1-12 - Maha Vaidyanatha Sivan

06  kApAli - mOhana - PapanAsam Sivan ( S )

07 vidhi shakrAdulaku - yamunA kalyANi- Thyagaja

08  RTP - rAmapriya - misrachapu x 6  Eduppu at +2
pallavi: ellAm shivan seyal enrE, kavalai inru iruppai maDa nenjamE
ragamalika swaras in SAma, vasantha, husEni, sindhuramakriya, kApi

09 kaLilO harismaraNa - kApi - Muthaiah Bhagavathar

10 lALisidaLu maganA -dEsh - Purandara Dasa

11 viruttam ( vizhikku tuNai ) - sindhubhairavi

vA vA vElmurukA -sindhubhairavi - Mayuram Viswanatha Shastri

12 riNmadhumita - behAg- Swathi Thirunal

13  thillAna ( dhIm dhIm tadana dhiraNA) - tODi - Ramanathapuram Srinivasa Iyengar

14 mangaLa - saurAshtra - thyAgrAja

Sunday, 27 October 2013

2013 Oct 26 Trichur Brothers MA Sundaresan Trichur R Mohan, SV Balakrishna @ 45th BGS Music Conference

Vid. Sri Krishna Mohan and Vid. Ramkumar Mohan : Vocal Duet
Vid. M. A. Sundareshan: Violin
Vid. Trichur Mohan: Mridanga

Vid. S. V. Balakrishna: Morsing

01 evvari bOdhana AbhOgi Adi PSI

02 sri mahAgaNapathiravatumAm gaULa tripuTa mysUru vAsudeva AchArya
03 sAkEta nagara nAtha harikAmbOdhi rUpaka thyAgarAja
04 amrithavarshini AlApane followed by AnandAmrtakarSiNi amrtavarSaNi amrutavarSiNi Adi m.dhIkshitar
05 nannu viDachi kadalakurA rItigaULa tripuTa thyAgarAja
06 lakshmI kAntA bArO mOhana Adi p.dAsa
07 tODi AlApane followed by  enduku dayarAdura tODi miSra cApu thyAgarAja and tani
08 rAga tAna pallavi in jOg
pallavi  chEta shrI rAmam chintaye sadA c tripuTa 
ragamalika swaras in jOg Anandabhairavi rItigaULa bEhAg rEvati
09 taruNi nyAn enda cheyyo dwijAvanti chApu swAthi thirunAL
10 pibare rAma rasam Ahir bhairav Adi sadAshiva brahmEndra
11 rAmachandrAya jana navarOj tiSra Eka bhadrAcala rAmadAs

The concert  that lasted 20 minutes more than the scheduled 3 hrs had all the punch, classicism and quality required for a great concert.

Once the stage was setup for the show by  6.15 pm, the concert started with a brisk varNa. The humming before the varNa did not specifically indicate any rAga, but the started off with the AbhOgi varNa.

Mic played its role, at the end of the first song. MAS had to change his Mic to a pickup. The change of timber was very evident and it sounded hollow all throughout the concert ( I liked the first sound than the sound off pick up... In my view it marred the concert quality)

Swaras flowed like flooding Ganga..when the gaULa krithi was presented.

With a detailed HarikAmbOdhi..they elevated the standards of each krithi they presented.

It had just stopped raining... when they started off the AmruthavarSini Alapane. (pun Intended: It was more used to stop the rain than bring down the rain . Downpour was so heavy that it was disturbing the concert both to audience and the artists.) Krithi was presented short as compared to the detailed alapane. Brothers interwound the alapane with alternate sangathis. Except for the difference in the voice, one could not have concluded that it is a pair that is presenting the concert.

The same class was demonstrated even while the tODi and jOg Alapane were presented.

nannu viDachi was presented with a mellifluous tempo , Almost rAma decided to come down to be be an audience.

With least  ado, the mOhana krithi was presented. The senior of the Brothers was quick to start off tODi alapane even while audience were applauding. A detailed alapane in tODi ensured a full 1 hour slot for the main piece of the concert.

As it was almost 8.50 pm, organisers were quick to occupy the stage for a quick VOT. Junior Bro vetoed Senior Bro's offer to quickly close the concert. 

The best package of the day was ready at 9.00 pm. Brothers offered a short RT, but it was no short.. it was presented in a detailed fashion in jOg and ragamalika swaras of mostly poplar rAgAs.

taruNi nyAn and pibare rAma rasam mellowed down the tempo of the concert to ensue that all the power packed presentation had the right icing.

Both senior accompaniments in Violin and Mridanga were pretty apt in their contribution ensuring the Brothers were always in the limelight. Morsing presentation during tani was exceptionally good.

Overall it was a good to great concert owing to 3.5 hrs of presentation with everyting that is required to showcase the talent.

Thursday, 24 October 2013

2013 Oct 23 Dr. Sreevalsan J Menon , HS Sudheendra, HK Venkatram @ 45th BGS Music Conference

When you are stumped with too many lucrative choices, it would always be a tough decision. But if the decision that is made turns out to be a super hit, you will further start believing in your 6th sense.

It happened the same way yesterday. I could have slurped hot hot soup and bonda at home watching Cricket Match / listen to Sreevalsan J Menon @ Gayana samaja in not so comfortable ambience. But I chose to do the second one inspite of a threat of a heavy rain in the evening.

Reached the venue on time and the preparations were in progress behind the curtains. The curtains came down at 6.15 to offer what could be one of the finest concert of this monsoon here in Bangalore.

Vid Dr. Sreevalsan Menon: Vocal
Vid. H. K. Venkatram: Violin
Vid. H. S. Sudheendra: Mridanga

Sreevalsan J Menon and his team was in the right most frame of mind to deliver a great concert.

01 ErA nA pai tODi Adi PSI
                Started with a guruvandana "Om namO vAsudEvAya" in memory of his guru for 18 years neyyATinkara vAsudEvan and dwelled into a vilamba kala presentation of varna in 2 speeds. The "kanchina kaNTa' was reverberating in the partially filled hall. It set the right mood for the rest of the performance.

02 dhanyDevvaDO dAsharathe malayamAruta paTNam subramaNya Iyer
                raga sketch and a detailed set of swaras were presented at an apt gati. Even thought the composition was performed over 14 minutes.. it appeared as though it was much shorter than 8 minutes.

03 annapurNE visAlAkshi sAma Adi m.dhIkshitar
                raga sketch and a detailed set of swaras were a welcome change

04 brihadambikAyai namaste vasantha m.dhIkshitar
                A vennila presentation... no frills. was small in size but was rendered with good impact.

05 dharmavati AlApane followed by bhajana sEya rAdA dharmavati rUpaka mysUru vAsudEvAchAr

06 ninnu jeppa mandAri Adi paTNam subramaNya Iyer

07 kAmbOdhi AlApane followed by O ranga sAyi kAmbOdhi Adi thyAgarAja
                was as serene as it can be.... The AlApane had a touch of class and so was the composition presentation. Even though few... the manOdharma reverberated with good sangathies. Tani that followed was a memorable on with Tisra and Khanda naDai presentatation.

08 rAga tAna dhanyAsi pallavi in tiSra tripuTa 2 kaLai rAgamAlikA behAg rItigaULa hamsAnandi

" nIrajAkshi kAmAkshi nikhila lOka janani niranjani "

                The most surprise package came after the speech, SJM asked for audience permission (time) to present a pallavi. And the justice was done with a 30 min rendetion of dhanyAsi RTP. Even though an old pallavi line in tiSra tripuTa, it was as refreshing as it could be. The nereval ended with a couple of tiSra and khaNda presentations. This made me feel it was worth ditching the other options that I had to spend the evening..

09 rAmA krishNaru manege bandaru
                May be the artist is not as comfortable as other languages, barring a few wrong pronounciation of kannada words, the presentation soothed the whole concert to its end.

10 nI nAma rUpamulaku sourAShtra Adhi thyAgarAja
                After a cuople of deep  breaths.. he concluded the concert with a vilamba presentation of the mangala.

Vid HS Sudheendra and Vid HK Venkatram were at their best. Being accoustomed to listening HSS accompanying pitch 5 artists, this was a welcome difference and would look forward to more of his performances accompanying male artists. (upcoming concert with TMK later in nAdasurabhi !!)

The trio performed as a team than 2 supporting 1.

Overall it was a memorable concert :) Thanks to my daughter who was very reluctant, but agreed for me to spend my time on music than at home.

Monday, 21 October 2013

2013 Oct 20 gaNEsh kumaresh ShankarnArAyanan Trichy kriShna @ Bangalore Gayana Samaja - 45th Music Conference

After a 2 day hectic MUSIC WORKSHOP by Prince Rama Varma, I had left with no energy. In spite of it made an unexpected decision to attend the inaugural concert of the 45th music conference at Gayana Samaja. While the list of concerts was mind blowing.. I was of a disappointment when I arrived at the venue... The hall was filled to 25% of its capacity. The hall had filled to 90% by the beginning of the concert.

The artists arrived on time, the concert started around 6.10. While the memories of the (un)sound system from previous year conference is still fresh in the mind, it did come back to reality with Ganesh finding some issue with the mic as it was not picking up from his voilin.

The abrupt start to Bilahari varna was completed mostly by Kumaresh. In the break, the mic issues were addressed and rest is history.

It was yet another masterly concert by "FIDDLING MONKS" who did not disappoint.

Full house at ground level and a standing ovation for pUrvikalyANi and tri-rAga RTP was the hallmark of the concert.

2 new young guns who accompanied the brothers , did leave their impression and class. Wish them the best and looking forward for more performances from this team.

Both percussion artists showed a great temperment in anticipation and played exactly (rAgapravAham) as i have heard it earlier in their CDs.

01 bilahari varNa

02 rAgapravAham in mAyAmAlavagaula
       - -this piece was good enough to infuse a punch to the rest of the concert.

03 sarasa sAma dAna - kApinArAyaNi

04 rAgapravAham in rItigauLa

05 pUrvikalyANi alapane followed by parama pAvana rAma and tani

06 RTP in kAnaDa , bahudAri and hindOla, khanda triputa 2 kaLai

07 ODi bArayya vaikunTa pati - vocal by gaNEsh – rAga ?
      -have heard the bhairavi version of this song from the greats of Radha-Jayalakshmi.. This composition in any other raga is not as impressive as in bhairavi

08 sindhubhairavi tillAna

09 medley of bhAgyAda lakshmi bAramma, harivarAsanam and nagumOmu

A full 3 hrs of power packed concert. Memories are attached herewith for those who missed it.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

K G Gururaja Rao ( 1940 - 2013)

As our lives limp back to normal, I would like to thank you for taking the time to share your sympathies with us. Your words were such a comfort. Friends and relatives like you have helped us get through this difficult time.

Some of you took time off to visit me and I really appreciate the effort you made to travel such a distance. I was grateful to hear your memories, and your support made a difference to me and my family.

My colleagues stepped in and covering my work during this difficult time. Thank you for your support. Your support made it easier when I return to the office this week.
I have no words to thank you for sending your words of sympathy. It was kind of you to show you care.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

2013 May 13 KJyEsudAs MahadevaSharma ThrivarurBhaktavatsalam TripunitaraRadhakrishnan @ Sree Ramaseva Mandali, Bangalore

It was yet another masterly concert by Dr K J Yesudas.. Stearted 3 mins well before time (as compared to another recent young guns concert !) and went on toll 9.30.

Full house (is my estimate correct - the pendal accomodates 4000+ people ?) and a standing ovation was the hallmark of the concert.

01 era nApai- tODi
02 vandipe ninage gaNAnAtha - gambhIranATa ?? ( there was more of ga ma pa... ma pa ni phrase.)
03 suvarNAngi - guru nimma dayave.. nanagaanandu daya ( dedicated to late PBS)
04 sadhinchane- Arabhi
05 sAma gAna vinOdini- Hamsanandi
06 kshira sAgara - dEvagAndhAri
07 marugelara - jayanthashri
08 nInE anAtha bhandu kAruNya sindhu  - nATakapriya ?? ( or some kharaharapriya janya )
09 nAgaswarAvaLi - rAma bhakjane mADo
10 bhairavi- upachAramulanu chekkonavayya - tani
11 enu varava bEDale nAnu 
12 nine karuna deena paala anatha bandhu -  sahAna
13 rEvati - hrudayattil kadanattal ..
14  krishna ni begane baro- yaman kalyan
15 kondalallo nelakonna - hindOLa
16 teniri mayilu -  some hm raga
17 aayirum - ahir bhairav
18 harivasaranam I
19 tejo bhir - sindhubhairavi
20 pavamana 

Monday, 13 May 2013

2013 May 12 VisakaHari Ananthakrishnan HSSudhendra SukanyaRamgopal (upanyasa: Gajendra Moksha) @ Sree Ramaseva Mandali, Bangalore


Another brilliant harikatha by Smt Visaka Hari... Emulated the epitome of motherhood (telling stories) was interspersed with the following songs

01 shloka in nATa. Hindola. yare rangana yare krishnana - hindOLa
02 ma pala velasiga - asAvEri
03 shloka in chandrajyOthi
04 shashivadana bhaktajanabhana - chandrajyOthi
05 rItigaULa - paripAlaya raghunAtha
06 tanu ninnuvina the same jiva ninnadu - yadukula kAmbOdhi
07 daya mADo ranga - KalyANi
08 hari Smarane mADO nirantara - hamir kalyani
09 shloka in brindavana saranga
10 nin yako ninna hangyAko - brindavana saranga
11 shloka in ...sAvEri
12 started at kariya rakshisi... - SAvEri - parAku mADade parAmarisi aparAdhangaLa kshamiso P.dasa
13 jagadAnandakAraka
14 srishTi stithi laya... ahir bhairav
15 ninyAke nirdayanAde hariye ???   -hamsanandi ????
16 paramAtmuDu velige - vAgadIshwari
17 ??
18 azwAr pasuram in madhyamAvathi
19 Pavamana

Saturday, 11 May 2013

2013 May 11 MysoreBrothers Umayalpuram K Sivaraman NAmrith@ Sree Ramaseva Mandali, Bangalore

01 navaragamalika varna
02 sobillu saptaswara -jaganmOhini
03 raga sketch kalyANavasantha - nAdalOluDai
04 pUrvikalyANi by musore manjunath ... gnAnamosagarAda
05 raga sketch of dhenuka - teliyalElu rAma
06 raga sketch of kadanakutUhala - raghuvamsha sudha

I realised only today that even mridanga can participate in Alapana... UKS was  at his creative he participated with Dr. Manjunath on raga Alapane.

07 AbhEri alalane by Mysore Nagaraj  - nagumomu - tani
08 nAnATe braduku - rEvati
09 alaipAyude - kAnaDa
10 jagadOdhArana - kApi
11 raghupati raghava 
12 bhagyAda lakshmi bAramma - madhyamAvathi
13 pavamana .. ended in madhyamavati

2013 May 10 ShashankSubramanyan rAkesh-chaurasia pArupally phalgun ravindra yavagal @ Sree Ramaseva Mandali, Bangalore

01 abhogi AlApane  in both CM and HM style...
tyAgarAja krithi and hinduastani swaras when elaborated)
02 kalyani RTP and tani
03 venkatachala nilayam Sindhubhairavi 
ragamalika in sindhubhairavi kApi amrithavarshiNi and back to sindhubhairavi

Disappointed with the poor professional approach shown by the team lead by our Bangalore Boy !! Started at 7.00 and ended at 9.15. Good loss of 45 mins of music lost (including 10 - 15 mins of setup time ) and and excuse about Bangalore traffic !!

While a good number of audience coming from all around Bangalore could beat the same Bangalore traffic ... why not the artists ?

Organisers could have managed the floor well... for a complete 3 hr concert.

Friday, 10 May 2013

2013 May 09 gaNEsh kumarEsh KVPrasad Guruprasanna PramathKiran @ Sree Ramaseva Mandali, Bangalore

01 arabhi varNa
02 gauLa - praNamAmyaham gauri sutam
03 alApane in western style - hamsadhwani - rAga pravAham - own composition
It was a fresh look at hamsadhwani !!

04 rItigaULa -  nAn Enu mADideno venkaTa ramaNa  P.dasa

Searched from the net for me to understand the krithi..

P: nAnEnu mADidenO venkaTaramaNA nInennu salahabEku krSNA 
A: mAmAbhimAnavu ninagide enagillA dInarakSaka svAmi tirupatiya venkaTaramaNa 

C1: karirAja karesididane draUpadi dEvi 
    baridoLe kaLusidaLe Sri rAja patniyu 
    kallAgi kriyagidu 
    I rAgavella ariyenO krSNA 

C2: oppiDi avalakkiya tanda avanige/avaninge 
   oppikoTTeyO bhAgyava 
   sarpa shayana shrI purandara viThalane 
   aprameya salahO venkaTarAya

05 dhanyAsi - rAmAbhi rAma 
06 kalyani -shana grahabedha - eta vunara -  kAnaDa , ahir bhairav,  ranjani, janaranjani ??  --- tani

07 gOvinda bolo gopala bolo - sindhubhairavi
08 tillana - by lgj  - bahudari
09 bhagyAda lakshmi bAramma - madhyamAvathi
10 harivarasanam - nagumomu galavani (played as a medley)

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

2013 May 08 ChertalaiRanganathaSharma CNChandrashekar JVaidyanathan AlathurRajganesh @ Sree Ramaseva Mandali, Bangalore

01 chalamu in valaji
02 kharaharapriya - parAku mADade parAmarisi aparAdhangaLa kshamiso
03 hamsanandi - sachama ra ramavani -hmb
04 kshitija ramanam chintaye - dEvagAndhAri
05 bOgIndra shAyinam - kuntalavarAli
06 dhanyAsi -dhyAnamE varamaina- tani
07 varashiki vAhana - supradeepam
08 simhEndramadhyama- RTP
Chaturashra triputa khaNDa nadai
rAgamAlika - mOhana , kApi ,  sahana ,  sindhubhairavi, 
09 hari guNa gAvat nAchUngi- mIrA bhajan -dIpAli
10 iddudAno tillai sthalam - bEhAg
11 rAma mantrava japiso - jOanpuri
12 pavamana 

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

2013 May 07 GayatriVenkatraghavan MRGpinath JVaidyanathan AlathurRajganesh @ Sree Ramaseva Mandali, Bangalore

1. Gajamukha vandisuve MAyAmALavagauLa, adi vadirajaru 
2. makelara vicharamu ravichandrika adi tyagaraja 
3. Dharmavathi bhajana seya rada adi 
4. Nityananda kari, annapurne vishalakshi, Sama 
5. Sudhamayi amrutha varshini rupaka 
6. Kambodhi, kailasa nathena samrakshithonam mishra chapu tani 
7. RAma bhakthi shudda bangala 
8. Hindola alap, tanam hindola, saveri, mohana, chandrajyothi, back to hindola,
sri rAma jaya rama jaya jaya rama ena ninai maname diname, swara hindola, bahudari, ganamurthe, kedara, hamsanada,   khanda triputa 
9. Darbar kanada pibare rama rasam  
10. Kapi yadava ni baro adi
11. Pavamana

Sunday, 5 May 2013

2013 May 05 RaGa CharumatiRaghuraman HSSudheendra SukanyaRamgopal @ Sree Ramaseva Mandali

01 kAnaDa aTa tALa varna
02 teliyalEru rAma - dhenuka
03 sAranga - ee pariya sobagAva - k cApu - p dasa
04 nIrajAksi kAmAkshi - hindOLa
05 sahana - giri pai - tani
06 sharavaNabhava - pashupatipriyA
07 RTP chakravAka  , brief kuranji in between
Tishra jhampa misra nadai -42 beat
Pallavi  - enduku nirdaya inakula tilaka evarunnaaru  edhara lona
Switched to Tisra triputa tishra nadai.....
rAgamAlika - nATa , kamAch , kApi, (recognised as bEhAg? but its sohini) ( sa ri ga ma da ni sa )

08 ramanai bhajitAl - mAND - p.shivan
09 abhang -deshkari
10 pavamana 

2013 May 04 AbhishekRaghuram AvaniswaranVinu AnanthRKrishnan Guruprasanna @ Sree Ramaseva Mandali, Bangalore

This program was preceeded by an award ceremony to Vid. P S Narayana Swamy 

01 navaragamalika varna
02 yOchanA kamala lOchana - darbAr
03 dhenuka - teliyalElu rAma
04 kAmbOdhi - mA jAnaki
05 AbhEri - nagumomu ganaleni
06 mohana - nannu pAlimpa - tani
07 yaman kalyan - sri ramachandra kripalu bhajamana
08 dwijAvanthi kamAch bEhAg
Apne mandir me bhait bhait kar....hari gun gaavat
Ramachandra nitudu
Karpura...... presented as a medley
09 pavamana

Friday, 3 May 2013

2013 May 03 NeyveliSantanagopalan MASudareswaran SVRamani NAmrith @ Sree Ramaseva Mandali, Bangalore

01 sarasijanAbha  KAmbOdhi aTa tALa varna
02 panchamAtanga mukha gaNapati malahari
03 nannu brOva Ni - AbhOgi
04 shaNkarAbharaNa - enduku peddala- tani
05 shaNmukhapriyA RTP
srI rAmam chimtaye jimauta shyAmam chintaye
Chaturashra maTya

06 rAma bhadra ra ra - ananda bhairavi
07 rama mantrava japiso - jOanpuri
08 viruttum - yadukula kAmbOdhi
09 pavamana 

Thursday, 2 May 2013

2013 May 02 HKVenkatram GRavikiran AshwinAnand (VVV) Umayalpuram K Sivaraman Guruprasanna @ Sree Ramaseva Mandali

01 navaragamalika varna
02 brochevarevare raghupate - sri ranjani
03 chandrajyOthi -bAgAyenayya
04 yadukula kAmbOdhi - hechharika ra ra
05 raghuvamsha sudha - kadanakutUhala 
06 amrithavarshiNi -AnandAmrithakarshini  amruta varshini - muttuswAmi dIkshitar
07 shaNkarAbharaNa - enduku peddala - tani

repeated phrases of Sa ri mA ga ri /sa  .... ri ga sa ri ga  was mind blowing

08 sanAtana parama pAvana - phalamanjari
09 nAsikAbhUshaNi RTP
Ni padamule gatiyeni nammiti sri ramachandra 
Khanda triputa 2 kakai +2 beats
RAgamAlika - hindOLa  on violin, suraTi on veeNA, naLinakAnti ?? on Flute, hamsAnandi on violin,
10 rAma mantrava japiso - jOanpuri..
11 rEvati - yadava ni ba yadukula nandana
12 mOhana kalyANi - tillAna -lAlguDi jayarAman 
13 pavamana with a madhyamAvati ending...

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

2013 May 01 AbhishekRaghuram CharulataRamanujam NeyveliNarayanan Guruprasanna @ seshAdripuram

01ninu kori - mohana varna
02 mundu vENu - darbar
03 bilahari - paridAnamichite
04 kAnaDa - sukhi evvaro
05 KalyANi - nidhi chala sikhama - tani
06 brindavana saranga - kamalAptakula kalaShAbdhi chandra
07 Adi dEva paramAtma - sindhubhairavi
08 patiki hara tIrE - suraTi 
09 pavamana

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

2013 Apr 30 RudrapatnamBrothers EmbarKannan UmayalpuramKSivaraman NAmrith @ Sree Ramaseva Mandali

01 sarasijanAbha kAmbOdhi aTa tALa varna
02 tuLasidaLa mulachE - mAyAmALavagauLa
03 srI rAmam ravikulAbdhi sOmam -NarAyaNa gauLa
04 kharaharapriya- pakkala nilabaDi
05 devi brOva - chintamaNi- shyAmA shAstri
06 DaNgUrava sArirayya - vasantha - p. dAsa
07 yadukula kAmbOdhi- etaa vuna nechhitivo rama -tani
08 rAma bhadra rA rA - Ananda bhairavi
09 antarangadalli hariya -mohana
10 mariyAda teliyakane - Javali -suraTi
11 tillAna jhunjhUTi
13 pavamana 

Monday, 29 April 2013

2013 Apr 29 SandeepNarayanan and Team @ Sree Ramaseva Mandali, Bangalore

01 samaja varagamana - hindOLa 
02 eppaDi manam tuNindadO swami-husEni
03 kalAvati -ennaDu juchunu inakula tilaka
04 bhajana sEyavE manasa... kalyani
05 bogindra shayinam - kuntalavarali
06 tODi - kaddanuvAriki - tani
07 rAmanai bhajitAl 

2013 Apr 28 Mysore Brothers HSSudheendra KUJayachandraRao @ sEshAdripuram

01 gaulipantu -tera tIyagarAda
02 enta venduko o rAghava - saraswati manOhari
03 vasanta - ramachandram bhavayami
04 kharaharapriya - pakkala nilabaDi
05 nAsikAbhUshaNi - maravairi ramani
06 shaNkarAbharaNa - eDuTa nilachite -tani
07 Dasana mADiko enna - nAdanAmakriya
08 pibare rAma rasam - Ahir bhairav
09 mOhana kalyANi tillana
10 pavamana

Saturday, 27 April 2013

2013 Apr 27 Sanjay Subrahmanyan, SVaradaraj, NeyveliVenkatesh, BRajashekar @ Sree Ramaseva Mandali

01 chalamu -pantuvarALi aTa tALa varna

02 srI raghuvara suguNAlaya - bhairavi - thyAgarAja

03 bEgaDa - sAmiki seri jhappa jAla

04 AbhOgi - maneyoLagADO gOvinda-Adi

05 akhilANDESwari - dwijAvanthi - MD

06 chakravAka - eTula brOTuvO tani  - tyAgarAja

07 nAree... madhuvanti rtp- Aaja giridhar tu aaja apna banaake...
C triputa + 2 beats on 2 kalai

rAgamAlika- malayamaruta/ valaji , pahadi/ durga 

08 maname rAmanai pADar maravAde- sindhubhairavi

09 peTra tAi... viruttum.. aDum chidambaramo -bEhAg 

10 pavamana

2018 Apr 23 ChitravinaRavikiran LalagudiViji SaiGiridhar GiridharUdupa @ SRSM FHS

ChitravINA : Vid. ChitravinaRavikiran  Violin: Vid. LalagudiViji  Mridanga: Vid. SaiGiridhar  Ghata: Vid. GiridharUdupa Venue/ Occas...