Saturday, 11 May 2013

2013 May 10 ShashankSubramanyan rAkesh-chaurasia pArupally phalgun ravindra yavagal @ Sree Ramaseva Mandali, Bangalore

01 abhogi AlApane  in both CM and HM style...
tyAgarAja krithi and hinduastani swaras when elaborated)
02 kalyani RTP and tani
03 venkatachala nilayam Sindhubhairavi 
ragamalika in sindhubhairavi kApi amrithavarshiNi and back to sindhubhairavi

Disappointed with the poor professional approach shown by the team lead by our Bangalore Boy !! Started at 7.00 and ended at 9.15. Good loss of 45 mins of music lost (including 10 - 15 mins of setup time ) and and excuse about Bangalore traffic !!

While a good number of audience coming from all around Bangalore could beat the same Bangalore traffic ... why not the artists ?

Organisers could have managed the floor well... for a complete 3 hr concert.

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  1. This is to clarify on your comment on the "Bangalore Boy". I was one of the few volunteers that was in the green room with Shashank and I can only tell you that Maestro Shashank was in well ahead of time and even heard a part of the violin concert that preceded the jugalbandhi concert.

    The other three musicians got delayed, I believe, due to a victory lap that was taken in the area by a congress candidate who won in the recently held elections and therefore due the late arrival of the other musicians, the concert got off to a late start.

    The writer of the blog could have clarified this rather than posting inaccurate facts.

    .....Music Lover


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