Sunday, 23 April 2017

2017 Apr 23 SangeethaKalanidhi AKanyakumari VittalRangan PatriSatishKumar BRajashekar @ sEshAdripuram

Violin: Vid. SangeethaKalanidhi AKanyakumari 

Violin Support: Vid. VittalRangan 
Mridanga: Vid. PatriSatishKumar 
Morsing: Vid. BRajashekar 

Occasion: 69th Ramanavami Sangeethotsava / Sree Rama Seva Samiti, SeshAdripuram

Venue: SEshAdripuram Educational Trust, Bangalore

01 karimukha varada nATa GNB (O, S)

02 kripa jUchuTaku vELara ChayA tharangiNi Adi tyAgarAja

03 mAmava paTTAbhi rAma maNirangu M Eka m.dIkshitar

04 composition in rAga krishNa by venkaTagiri rAja son (A)

05 I vasudhA nIvanti dhaivamu shahana Adi tyAgarAja (A, 

06 rAgamAlika AlApane followed by BhAvayAmi raghurAmam rAgamAlike rUpaka swAthi thirunAL

07 raghuvamsha sudhAbudhi kadhanakuthUhala Adi paTNam subrahmaNya Iyer

08 rAga tAna kharaharapriyA followed by chakkani rAja mArgamu kharaharapriyA Adi tyAgarAja (R, T, N, S, T)

neraval @ kanTiki Sundara
ragamAlika swaras in infinite number of rAgas

09 rAmachandru niipuDu raghuvIruDu dwijAvanti aNNamAchArya

10 sindhubhairavi tillAna LGJ ?

11 venkatAchala nilayam sindubhairavi purandaradAsar

12 bhAgyAda lakshmi bAramma madhyamAvati Adi purandaradhAsa

13 nI nAma rUpamulaku mangaLa sourAshtra Adi tyAgarAja

I had not had an opportunity to listen to the newly crowned Sangeetha Kalanidhi for quite some time, especially after the announcement of the award. While I have had the opportunity to listen to her next-gen disciples who have been making their mark for quite some time, including the latest addition of Nishanth Chandran, the craving was at a high level.

The options for today was quite clear. I had never been to any such long festival in recent times, on the last (nostalgic) day. Expecting a packed hall, I was there almost 60 mins early and also the beat the infamous Bangalore Traffic.

The crowd starting pouring in, and the packed audience were waiting for the climax day of the season. SK Vid. A Kanyakumari had a special felicitation on occasion of her first performance in Bangalore after receiving the coveted glory.

The ease with which she took off to set the stage demonstrated her standard rituals of offering her meditative prayers to almighty at the beginning of the concert.

The nATa outline reverberated throughout the college corridor, adding luster to the already husky timbre of her pick-up mic violin. Though it appeared dilapidated than her recent pictures on web, the sound was still strong. karimukha varada, a composition of GNB set the tone for a long evening. The kalpana swaras were played outright in 2nd speed with Vittal Rangan getting an opportunity to demonstrate his talent in glimpses of swaras. They were well accompanied by enthusiastic percussion duo of Vid. Patri Satish Kumar and Vid. B Rajashekar.

kripa jUchuTaku was a filler without any embellishments.

maNirangu outline AlApane was done solo, leading into the ever popular mAmava paTTabhirama. Another evocative pace dealt the nuances of maNirangu brilliantly. There was no hurry in the presentation.

Vid. A Kanyakumari demonstrated why she was a worthy recipient of the coveted SK through her own invention KRISHNA rAga AlApane which was ably filled by Vid. Vittal Rangan who also had a sneak peek slot in between to fill up. The composition played next was on river Krishna. Though it’s a janya of chArukEshi, there were no overtones of it while they played all through the composition.

Audience requests kept pouring in ... through the performance and during the breaks. Mani mAma (an ardent fan of SK AK who was even earlier than me at the hall) put out a spontaneous request so loudly from the audience seat, it would not be turned down by the artists on the stage. The audience applauded the due consideration that was meted.  What followed then was a pure bliss SahAna AlApane and I vasudha.. delivered in a leisurely pace. 

One of the audience requested for bhAvayAmi (rAgamAlika) and was duly honoured in place of a competing request for rAma katha sudha (madhyamAvati). A detailed rAgamAlika AlApane set the stage for a veritable presentation of bhAvayAmi.

At this point, I was seriously considering standing guard to the stairs, to stop new rasikas requests and allow the artists to dwell into their plans for the day. But the situation did not warrant so.

Any instrumental concert cannot miss a kadanakutuhala piece, and this was no exception. Quite creatively presented the chitteswaras with many wah wah korappus to embellish and provide additional opportunity for the percussionists to improvise it.

A detailed rAga and tAna in kharaharapriya was shared by both violinists. An unhurried, more than 30 mins of chakkani rAja and equally long and creative tani marked the hightlight for the grand finale concert of the season at sEshAdripuram.

Few tail pieces were presented after a formal Vote of Thanks. It was a memorable season indeed at sEshAdripuram this year with few notable concerts to remember for a long time for me.

2017 Apr 22 Abhishek Raghuram BUGaneshPrasad BCManjunath PramathKiran @ SRSM

Vocal: Vid. Abhishek Raghuram 
Violin: Vid. BUGaneshPrasad 
Mridanga: Vid. BCManjunath 
Morsing: Vid. PramathKiran 

Occasion: 79th Ramanavami Sangeethotsava / Sree Rama Seva Mandali
Venue: Fort High School, Bangalore

01 inta cAlamu jEsitE VARNA bEgaDA Adi vINai kuppiyer (O)

02 ninnE bhajana sEyu vADanu nATa Adi tyAgarAja (O, S)
swara @ sItAnAtha sakala lOka

03 hechcharikAgA rA yadhukula kAmbOdhi khanda jhampa thyAgarAja

04 ninnuvina sukhamu gAna nIraja nayana tODi rUpaka tyAgarAja
Neraval @ karuNArasa
Swara @ nIraja nayana

05 sukhi evvarO rAma nAma kAnaDa Adi tyAgarAja (A, N, S, short T)
Swara at suswara gAnamu
tani including konakkol

06 pAlintuvO pAlimpava kAntAmaNi Adi tyAgarAja (A, S)
Swara at PAlintuvo

07 nijamuga nI mahimalu shahAna Adi tyAgarAja (N, S, T, K)
Neraval at buddhiyanu

08 pavanaja stuti pAtra kuranji KhaNda Chapu tyAgarAja

09 shObAne vadhanAdhuthi jithasOma kAmavarDhini rUpaka tyAgarAja (O)

10 nagumOmu galavAni madhyamAvati Adi tyAgarAja

11 nI nAma rUpamulaku mangaLa sourAshtra Adi tyAgarAja

Saturday, 22 April 2017

2017 Apr 21 TrichurBrothers VittalRangan VijayNatesan KovaiSuresh @ SRSM

Vocal: Vid. Trichur Brothers
Violin: Vid. VittalRangan 
Mridanga: Vid. VijayNatesan 
Ghata: Vid. KovaiSuresh 

Occasion: 79th Ramanavami Sangeethotsava / Sree Rama Seva Mandali
Venue: Fort High School, Bangalore

01 OmkAra praNava VARNAM shaNmukhapriyA Adi BMK (O, S)

02 srI gaNanatham bhajare chitta parashaktiyutam Ishamanohari TEka m.dIkshitar (O, N, S)
Neraval @ rAma rAma

03 nI dayarAdA vasanthabhairavi rUpakA tyAgarAja

04 akhilAndEshwari rakshamAm dhwijAvanthi Adi m.dhIkshithar

05 manavi nAlakicha rAdhaTE naLinakAnthi Adi tyAgarAja (S)
swaras @ manavli nAlakim

06 rAma nI samAnamevaru Kharaharapriya rUpaka tyAgarAja (A, N, S, T)
neraval @ paluku paluku

07 bhO shambhO SivashambhO rEvathi Dayananda Saraswati

08 rAga tAna pallavi shuddsArang Tisra triputa 2 kalai on the samam
pallavi line: rAma nAmam tAraka nAmam sadA japitiDu maname
rAgamAlika:kanakangi, bilahari, shubha pantuvarALi

09 bhAgyAda lakshmi bAramma srI Adi purandaradAsa

10 gOvinda dAmOdara mAdhavEti bhajan

11 harivarAsanam hariharasuthAshtakam madhyamAvati kambamgudi kulathur iyer

12 rAmachandrAya janaka mangaLam kuranji bhadrAcala rAmadas

After their last concert at Odukattur mutt (they had just completed the namami gange project at that time) , I have been wanting to hear Trichur Brothers for a long time. Till date it’s been only 5 of their concerts over the last 5-6 years since I heard them for the first time in Music Academy. While I had the opportunity to recommend my better half to attend their concert, I was this time lucky I had her company.

Their usual mridangist (their Dad) was missing in action today! and the scene in green room / stage looked normal, for the audience to be taken for a surprise at the end.

The first thought that came across my mind as they started the shaNmukhapriya varNa was what beautiful voices God has blessed them with. I saw a thumbs-up from my better half. They sounded exactly the same in their live voices as compared to their namami gange theme song. Surprisingly, this was a tribute to late legend BMK who is no more with us. One of those honest tributes that I have come across.

Another new item for the season was the ganapathi stuti song in IsamanOhari.

Stellar delivery came in form of vasantha bhairavi swaras that flowed faster than any tall waterfall. Smooth and sturdy, bringing in the best of the sounds the nature could emulate. NalinakAnti notched up a T20 mode of swaras where each turn taken by the brothers was a treat to listen. Vittal Rangan excelled brilliantly in his responses.

A detailed alapane, the magnum opus rAma nI samAnamevaru and an equally long tani occupied 75 mins of the concert. The audience did not move a bit.. during the tani. Vijay Natesan who got an opportunity to perform in such a big stage did not dissapoint.

RTP in shudda sArang kept the audience guessing, until the tAna started. rAgamAlika swaras from both vocalists were replicated by Vittal Rangan in a smooth transition. I like this way of replying to RTP rAgamalikas when accompanying dual singers. Its a welcome change amidst the generic second singer's choice replication.

Few tukkadas did receive judicious time and were delivered in unhurried pace.

My better half concludes : The positives that made her enjoy the concert were their appealing voices, good control over breath, good shArIra to generate good sounding voice in all 3 octaves and an aesthetic sense that appeals the new generation carnatic lovers. Neither too stuanch nor diluted.  This was further validated by another first time listener who was seated next to me! 

They took turns at doing the alapane, assisting and complementing each other well especially each singing in different octaves that makes it a treat to listen and watch. At many places, while one of them sang the alapane, the other just continuously sang the note with which the sanchArAs began, with good control over his breath. Something similar was repeated while one was singing kalpanaswaras, other continued to sing the sahitya syllables that added lustre to the whole experience. This is the first of the concerts where the brothers did neraval (see my cribbing in last year Ramanavami concert review) in vasantha bhairavi and kharaharapriya. None of their previous concerts had a neraval!!!!!

It takes a strong will power backed by daivANugraha to deliver such a stellar concert, inspite of a bereavement at home. Their committment to be here to deliver a concert and make it grand by delivering a stellar 3.5 hrs concert is worth a standing ovation. The audience did deliver one when the developments at home were made public during the Vote of Thanks.

I would highly recommend the brothers to anyone who hasn't heard them yet. If they keep going like this and keep learning from their experience, the day is not far when they will make it really big in this field. I’m sure I was able to see an observable change from what I heard them last year double header concert in Bangalore during Ramanavami Season. Hope you will observe the same when you listen to them next time.  

Friday, 21 April 2017

2017 Apr 20 SanjaySubrahmanyan SVaradaraj NeyveliVenkatesh S Venkataramanan for Aradhana @ ChowdaiahMemorialHall

Vocal: Vid. SanjaySubrahmanyan 
Violin: Vid. SVaradarajan 
Mridnaga: Vid. NeyveliVenkatesh 
Khanjira: Vid. S Venkataramanan 

Organiser: Aradhana 
Venue: Chowdaiah Memorial Hall

Was late for the first few items
01 ninnu kOri mAlavi varna
02 jAnaki ramaNa shuddasImantini tyAgarAja

back to Live experience
03 nAdOpAsanacE shankaranArAyaNa bEgaDA Adi tyAgarAja (A, S)
swara @ nAdOpAsana

04 gOvinda ninnAnanda sakala sAdhanavu madhyamAavti Adi p.dAsa

05 chintaya mAam kandamUla Kandam Bhairavi rUpaka m.dIkshitar (A, N, S)
neraval @ mangaLakara mandahAsa vadanam ... 

06 sAmi mayUra giri vaDivEla khamAs TALA kavi kunjara Bharati

07 RTP KalyANi khaNDa rUpaka (R, T, P, T)
Pallavi line: tANDavam ADum tillai naTarAjan tajam takajham takiTa jham enDru
rAgamAlika: sahAna, hindOLa, kApi

08 harivAsaradha vupavAsadha bhAgyavu sinDhubhairavi purandara dAsa

09 nittam unnai vENDi manam RAGA TALA COMOSER ?? 

10 riNa madanuta paripAlaya mAmayi behAg Adi Swathi Thirunal

11 nI nAma rUpamulaku mangaLa sourAshtra Adi tyAgarAja

Thursday, 20 April 2017

2017 Apr 19 Ramakrishnan Murthy BUGaneshPrasad BangaloreVPraveen GiridharUdupa @ SRSM

Vocal: Vid. Ramakrishnan Murthy 
Violin: Vid. BUGaneshPrasad 
Mridanga: Vid. BangaloreVPraveen 
Ghata: Vid. GiridharUdupa

01 chalamEla varNa darbAr Adi tiruvoTTiUr thyAgayya (O)

02 budhamAshrayAmi satatam nATakuranji k.cApu m.dIkshitar

03 vADEra deivamu manasA pantuvarALi Adi tyAgarAja (A, N, S)
neraval @ hātṛ vinutuḍaina tyāgarājuni

04 rAma kathA sudhArasa madhyamAvati Adi tyAgarAja (A, N, S, T)
neraval @ bhAmA maNi jAnaki saumitri

05 swAmi mukhya prANA yadukula kAmbOdhi rUpaka p.dAsa

06 RTP tODi khaNDa tripuTa 2 kaLai 2 beat edupu (T)
rAgamAlika TAna: NAgaswaravali Behag Suruti tODi
Pallavi Line: tAraya sadA rAmachandra mUrte, KOTita shivachApa kIrte
rAgamAlika swara: Atana kApi, NilAmbari, darbAri kAnaDa, 

07 mAtADa bAradEno mA ramaNanE kamAs m.cApu narahari dAsa

08 shAradE karuNanidE hAmIr kalyANI chandrasekarendra Bharati swamigal

09 tillAna pUrNachandrika Adi PUchi SrinivAsa IyengAr

10 nI nAma rUpamulaku mangaLa sourAshtra Adi tyAgarAja

One attends a live concert to have an undisturbed bridge to an individual's quest to connect with one's inner self through music. When you come across one such a bridge that is never ending, it must be THAT 3 hour show, delivered with imppeccable acumen for both sahitya bhAva and bhakti bhAva by none other than the maestro Vid. Ramakrishnan Murthy

The sky this evening was gloomy bringing in a fear of a possible drenched out concert. But Rain Gods had better plans for the rasikas who wanted to traverse this bridge.

After few minutes being spent on setting up the mic system, the curtains rolled over to uncover a well lit stage what was even brighter by 4 stars seated in their respective roles.

The Grand evening started with guruvandana (madguru gajAsya..) and moments later darbAr varNa delivered in 2 speeds. The mics needed adjustment, before the next song began. It was 

Being a Wednesday, BUDHA was paid obeisance in the form of the navagraha krithi by muttuswAmi dIkshitar.

The traditional AlApane in pantuvarALi was astute bhAva and commanding brilliance in bringing the sap in a short span of 3 mins of vocal presentation. Violinist responded equally brilliantly. vADEra deivamu manasa was a treat to listen. The tempo matched the prayful pathos with nereval at dhātṛ vinutuḍaina tyāgarājuni meaning (O My Mind! He alone is The God who, having accepted the worship of Lord Siva )

Without a filler, Vid. Ramakrishnan Murthy dwelled to develop madhyamAvati, and the obvious choice was rAma kathA sudha. quite elaborate presentation made this the sub main piece of the concert. Violin response was a shadow image of the vocal presentation. Neraval and swaras were adequate . Korappu was creative and so was the anticipation by the team to respond to it. The teaming was very evident. For all the reportaire he holds, was expecting another not so popular tyAgarAja krithi in this rAga. A very short tani followed the kriti presentation.

swAmi mukhya prANa in yadukula kAMbodhi( though i have heard the same in other rAgas , especially in Anandabhairavi is evocative as compared to yadukula kAmbOdhi) was crisp and presented the composer skills of Sri RKSK who had taught this to Vid. Ramakrishnan Murthy.

Todi AlApane began with a short cycle, disappointing audience. It was just 1 hr 45 mins into the concert and nothing elaborate coming in. But it was a surprise to be delivered. The second cycle onwards the elaboration was pretty detailed exploring many sangatis of tODI. A 30 mins presentation of rAga and tAna had done its foundational duty for an intricate pallavi. tAraya sadA rAmachandra mUrte, KOTita shivachApa kIrte, presented with a 2 beat edupu on a 2 Kalai khaNDa triputa tALa had all necessary technical embellishments. rAgamAlika transition to and fro was seamless and demonstrated the creative capabilities of both vocalist and violinist. Second tani too was shorter than the first one ! even the percussionists wanted to listen more to the singer.

post-tODi RTP , the concert comprised of thukkadas, was executed very well. Organiser hinted the requests for "jAvali" and "tillAna" were honoured. shArade karuNanidhe , a composition of srigeri seer tuned by Vid. RKSK in hamIr kalyANi was sedate and set the tone for a power packed "thrillAna" in pUrNachandrika, composed by Puchi Srinivasa Iyengar.

The percussionists - Vid. Bangalore V Praveen and Vid. Giridhar Udupa played together as a team, though at times I felt, Mridangist was overpowering both singer and the other percussionist. 2 Tanis that were delivered were crisp and was surprising, the long solo turns never came up !

A strenuous day that started very early at 4.30 (after a short previous night sleep) ended with as simlar freshness when the last note of the day was delivered at 9.45 pm ! It was indeed a spiritual journey of oneness with almighty and a well spent evening.

Long live the tribe of Ramakrishnan Murthy

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

2017 Apr 18 Pattabhirama Pandit MysoreNagaraj ArjunKumar GGuruprasanna @ SRSM

Vocal: Vid. Pattabhirama Pandit
Violin: Vid. MysoreNagaraj
Mridanga: Vid. ArjunKumar
Khanjira: Vid. GGuruprasanna

Occasion: 79th Ramanavami Sangeethotsava / Sree Rama Seva Mandali
Venue: Fort High School, Bangalore

01 ShObillu saptaswara jaganmOhini rUpaka tyAgarAja (O, S)
Swara at shObillu

02 bAgAyenayya candrajyOti Adi tyAgarAja (O)

03 mA jAnaki chetta beTTagA kAmbOdhi Adi tyAgarAja (A, N, S)
neraval @  vANi mATalaku

04 mOkSamu galadA bhuvilO sAramati Adi tyAgarAja

05 EtA vuanrA nilakaDa nIku kalyANi Adi tyAgarAja (A, N, S, T)
Neraval at Sri karuna tyAgarAja

06 RTP kApi khaNDa tripuTa 1 beat Edupu 2 kaLai
pallavi line: dasharata suta rAmachandara dayaLu mAm pAhi
ragamalika: nAsikAbhUshani, aTANA, Bilahari

07 kanDu dhanya nAdhe bEhAg Adi mOhanaviTTala dhAsa

08 harihara ninnanu mechhisa bahudu sindhubhairavi p.dAsa

09 bhAgyAda lakshmi bAramma madhyamAvati Adi purandaradhAsa

10 thillAna (nirinirigamagarisa) pUrvi Thirugokarnam Vaidyanatha Iyer

11 nI nAma rUpamulaku mangaLa sourAshtra Adi tyAgarAja

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

2017 Apr 17 MS Sheela CharulataRamanujam KUJayachandraRao SukanyaRamgopal @ SRSM

Occasion: 79th Ramanavami Sangeethotsava / Sree Rama Seva Mandali
Venue: Fort High School, Bangalore

Vocal: Vid. MS Sheela
Violin: Vid. CharulataRamanujam 
Mridanga: Vid. KUJayachandraRao 
Ghata: Vid. SukanyaRamgopal 

01 sAmi ninnE kOri VarNa shri Adi garbhapurivAsa

02 SrI shankara guruvaram nAgaswarAvaLi rUpaka mahAvaidyanAtha iyer (O, S)
swara @ Sri Shankara guruvaram

03 nannu brOva nIkintha thAmasama abhOgi dhEshAdi tyAgarAja (A, S)
swaras @ nannu brOva nI

04 dinamaNi vamsha harikAmbhOji Adi tyAgarAja (A, S)
swara @ DinamaNi

05 aTu kAradA nI palka manOranjani Adi tyAgarAja

06 srI rAmachandra parilasa husEni Adi swati tirunAL

07 tatvameruga taramA para garuDadhvani tyAgarAja

08 RTP shaNmukhapriya khaNDa tripuTa
pallavi line: raghuvara nI nagu mukhamu jUpumA vEga vachhi
rAgamAlika: mOhana, hindOLa, rEvati

09 srI Hariya kAyo karuNAnidhe bAgesri mahipati dAsa

10 buddi mAtu hELidare kELabEkamma madhyamAavti p.dAsa

11 rAma nAma pAyasakke pIlu or pahADi p.dAsa

12 nI nAma rUpamulaku mangaLa sourAshtra Adi tyAgarAja

Monday, 17 April 2017

2017 Apr 16 TMKrishna DrHemalatha ManojSiva BSPurushottam @ SRSM

Occasion: 79th Ramanavami Sangeethotsava / Sree Rama Seva Mandali
Venue: Fort High School, Bangalore

Vocal: Vid. TMKrishna  
Violin: Vid. DrHemalatha 
Mridanga: Vid. ManojSiva 
Khanjari: Vid. BSPurushottam 

01 srI gurunA pAlithosmi pADi rUpaka m.dIkshitar (O, S, N, S)
SwarAkshara swara at sadAkhya kalAkarENa , Neraval,
Back to swara at kAdi matAnusArENa, this time in madhyama kAla

02 chANArO jAvaLi khamAs thanjavur chinnaiyya (A, S)
swara @ NI daya chEsi

03 brOchEvArevarurA khamAs Adi Mysore vAsudEvachAr (T on violin )
Neraval at sItApati nA pai

04 dalachina vAru dhanyAsi subbarAya shAstri (A, N)
Neraval at kumAra janani karuNarasa

05 rAgamAlika AlApane (kEdAragauLa, sRI, nAyaki, janaranjani, pUrvikalyANi, kAMbOdhi, sAlagabhairavi)

06 padavinI sadbhaktiyu galguTe sAlagabhairavi Adi tyAgarAja (S)
Swara at padavini

07 mEru samAna DhIra mAyAmALavagouLa madhyAdhi tyAgarAja (O, S, T)
swara @ mahA mEru samAna

08 jagadAnandakArakA jayajAnakI nATa Adi tyAgarAja

09 srI rAmachandra kripAlu bhajamana yamunakalyANi tulsidAs

10 hechcharikAgA rA yadhukula kAmbOdhi khanda jhampa tyAgarAja

Sunday, 16 April 2017

2017 Apr 15 MalladiBrothers EmbarKannan TumkurRavishankar BharadwajSathavalli @ SRSM

Vocal Duet: Vid Malladi Brothers 
Violin: Vid. EmbarKannan 
Mridanga: Vid. TumkurRavishankar 
Morsing: Vid. BharadwajSathavalli 

Occasion: 79th Ramanavami Sangeethotsava / Sree Rama Seva Mandali
Venue: Fort High School, Bangalore

01 vinatA suta vAhana shrI ramaNa jayantasEnA dEshAdi tyAgarAja (O)
swara @ vinatA sutavAhana

02 gaTTiganu nAnu cheyi batte dennatiko bEgaDa rUpakA tyAgarAja 

03 lEkanA ninnu juTTuukonnAru asAvEri Adi tyAgarAja (A)

04 parvata rAjakumAri pArvati shrIranjani m.dIkshitar (A, S)
Neraval at sarvAnandamaya chakravAsini

05 nannu brOva mani cheppave kalyANi bhadracala rAmadAs (O)

06 tyAgarAja yOga vaibhavam Anandhabhairavi rUpaka m dhIkshithar

07 rAga tAna pallavi kAmbOdhi chaturasra rUpaka khaNDa naDai, edupu 1 beat after samam (R, T with mridanga, P, N, T)
pallavi line: rAga tALa bhAva sangItam  . . . .brahAmandadAyakam
rAgamAlika : sAvEri, MOhana, shaNmukhapriyA, amrithavarshini, Bhimpalasi, Mand

08 jaya jaya durgE durgA Adi nAraAyaNa tIrta

09 paluku tEnala talli bhimpalAs annamAcArya

10 Hari smaraNe mADO nirantharA yamunakalyANi Adi puranDhara dhAsa

11 Adi dEva paramAtma vEda vEdAnta vEdya rEvati aNNamacharya followed by sriyah kANtAya (in surUTi)

Saturday, 15 April 2017

2017 Apr 14 MysoreBrothers PatriSatishKumar NAmrith GiridharUdupa @ SRSM

Violin Duet: Vid. MysoreBrothers 
Mridanga: Vid. PatriSatishKumar 
Khanjari: Vid. NAmrith 
Ghata: Vid. GiridharUdupa 

Occasion: 79th Ramanavami Sangeethotsava / Sree Rama Seva Mandali
Venue: Fort High School, Bangalore

01 mOkshamu galadhA sAramathi Adi tyAgarAja

02 baNTu rIti kOlu vIyavayya rAma hamsanAdha dhEshAdhi tyAgarAja (S)
swaras @ baNTurIti

03 ranganAyakam bhAvayE nAyaki Adi m.dhIkshitar (A)

04 nAdalOluDai kalyANavasanta rUpakA thyAgarAja (A, S)
swaras @ nAdalOluDai

05 bhOgIndra shAyinam kuntalavarALi jhampa swAthiThirunAL

06 RTP tODi pUrvikalyANi chaturaSra tripuTa 2 kaLai 1 beat atIta eDupu (R T P T)
Pallavi Line: jAnaki ramaNa raghuvara (in toDI).. kalAyANa gunadhAma srI rAma (in pUrvikalyANi)
RagamAlika : Of too many, i could recognise HindOLa, SAma, khamA, surUTi, ?? , bEhAg

07 karadare barabArade swarasammOdini kamalEsa viTTala dAsa

08 annapurNE visAlAkshi sAma Adi m.dhIkshitar

09 pAhi pAhi gajAnana sindhubhairavi gaNapati sachidAnanda swAmiji (A)

10 nI nAma rUpamulaku mangaLa sourAshtra Adi tyAgarAja

2017 Apr 13 Sikkil Gurucharan CharulataRamanujam KVPrasad NAmrith @ SRSM

Vocal: Vid. Sikkil C Gurucharan 
Violin: Vid. CharulataRamanujam 
Mridanga: Vid. KVPrasad 
Khanjari: Vid. NAmrith

Occasion: 79th Ramanavami Sangeethotsava / Sree Rama Seva Mandali
Venue: Fort High School, Bangalore

01 sAmi ninnE kOri VarNa shri Adi garbhapurivAsa

02 aparAmabakthi panthuvarAli rUpakA tyAgarAja (N)
nereval @ lakSmI dEvI valacunA

03 Shri rama pAdama amritavAhini Adi tyAgarAja (A, S)
swaras @ shrI rAma pAdamA (ending as swarAkshara)

04 kamala charaNE amruthabEhAg Adi GNB

05 shrI raghuvara apramEya kAmbOdhi Adi tyAgarAja (A, S,T)
swaras @ shrI raghuvara 

06 RTP kOsala khaNDa tripuTa 2 kaLai 1 beat eDupu
pallavi line: bAlam mAlOlan karuNAlavAlam ... dhIran dhIran kOsala
rAgamAlika: KEdAra sHivaranjani vasantha

07 ANDavan darishanamE jOnpuri Adi muthaiah bAgavatar

08 tulsidAs bhajan bEhAg (O)

09 mangaLam kOsalEndrAya surUTi

2017 Apr 11 SriranjaniSantanagopalan BAnantaKrishnan KUJayachandraRao ASNSwamy @ VaniSchool

Vocal: Vid. SriranjaniSantanagopalan 
Violin: Vid. BAnantaKrishnan 
Mridanga: Vid. KUJayachandraRao 
Khanjari: Vid. ASNSwamy 

Occasion: 26th Ramanavami Sangeethotsava
Venue: VaniSchool, Basaveshwara Nagar, Bangalore

01 nera nammithinayya VarNa kAnada k Ata pUchi shrInivAsa iyengAr

02 Ekadantam bhajEham EkAnEka bilahari m.dIkshitar (S)
swaras @ Ekadantam

03 bhajana sEya rAdA dharmavati rUpaka mysUru vAsudEvAchAr (A, N, S)
nereval @ niravadi sukhadAyakuni paramAtmuni

04 rAma rAma rAma rAma rAmA enniro tilAng thishra Adi p.dAsa

05 kShIra sAgara shayana dhEvagAnDhAri Adi thyAgarAja

06 koluvaiyunnADe kOdanDapANi bhairavi Adi tyAgarAja (A, N, S, T)
nereval @ ranjilla manasu

07 tana dhIm ta dhiranA rAga? LGJ

08 hari chitta sathyA jOanpuri purandara dAsa

09 engellAm rAma nAmam angellAm AnjanEyam

10 nI nAma rUpamulaku mangaLa sourAshtra Adi tyAgarAja

2017 Apr 10 BharatSundar MatturSrinidhi SAshok BRRavikumar @ SRSM

Vocal: Vid. BharatSundar 
Violin: Vid. MatturSrinidhi 
Mridanga: Vid. SAshok 
Ghata: Vid. BRRavikumar

Occasion: 79th Ramanavami Sangeethotsava / Sree Rama Seva Mandali
Venue: Fort High School, Bangalore

01 evaranI nirNayinchi dhEvAmruthavarshiNi Adi tyAgarAja

02 marivEre dikkevvaru laTAngi khanda chApu patNam subrahmaNya iyer  (N, S)
nereval @ monarincha

03 sharaNam sharaNam enrAnE  saurAshtram  arunAchala kavirAyar (A)

04 ninnAda nEla nIrajAksha shri rAma kannaDa Adi tyAgarAja (O)

05 koluvaiyunnADe kOdanDapANi bhairavi Adi tyAgarAja (A, N, S, T)
nereval @ toli karma 

07 rAmanai bhajittAl mAND Adi pApanAsam sivan

08 venkatAchala nilayam sinDhubhairavi Adi p.dAsa (A)

09 nI nAma rUpamulaku mangaLa sourAshtra Adi tyAgarAja

2017 Apr 10 RitvikRaja PAnanthakrishnan SumeshNaraynan Raghunandan @ SRSM

Vocal: Vid. RitvikRaja 
Violin: Vid. PAnanthakrishnan 
Mridanga: Vid. SumeshNaraynan 
Ghata: Vid. Raghunandan 

Occasion: 79th Ramanavami Sangeethotsava / Sree Rama Seva Mandali
Venue: Fort High School, Bangalore

I was late to enter due to rains... The previous song had just ended while i was walking in and here is the list of 1: 41 hrs of the 2 hrs concert.

01 karuNa ElAgaNTE nI vidhamE kalyANasundara rAma varALi Adi tyAgarAja ( N, S)
nereval @ paramAtmuDu jIvAtmuDu

02 brOchEvA revarurA kAmAch Adi mysUru vAsudhEvAchAr (A, T, CS)

03 rAmachandrENa samrakshitOham mAnji rUpaka m.dIkshitar

04 sarasa sAma dhAna kApinArAyaNi Adi tyAgarAja (N, S)
nereval @ hitavu mATalentO

05 munnu rAvaNa tODi mishra jhampe tyAgarAja (A, N, S, T)
Nereval @ rAja rAja virAja rAmachandra

06 sApasya kousalyA jOanpuri Adi thirupazhanam panchApakEsayyar

Monday, 10 April 2017

2017 Apr 09 AbhishekRaghuram VittalRamamurthy RShankarnarayan PramthKiran @ sEshAdripuram

Vocal: Vid. AbhishekRaghuram 
Violin: Vid. VittalRamamurthy 
Mridanga: Vid. RShankarnarayan 
Morsing: Vid. PramthKiran 

Occasion: 69th Ramanavami Sangeethotsava / Sree Rama Seva Samiti, SeshAdripuram
Venue: SEshAdripuram Educational Trust, Bangalore

01 dasharatha nandana dAnava mardhana asAvEri Adi tyAgarAja

02 koluvaiyunnADe kOdanDapANi bhairavi Adi tyAgarAja (A, N, S)
Nereval @ manasU rangillu

03 sItApate nA manasuna siddhantamani yunnanu khamAs Adi tyAgarAja(A, N, S, T)
nereval @ prEma jUchi pedda manasu

04 endarO mahAnubhAvulu andarIki vandanamu shrI tyAgarAja (A)

05 nI nAma rUpamulaku mangaLa sourAshtra Adi tyAgarAja

2017 Apr 08 RanjaniGayathri HMSmitha DelhiPSairam SukanyaRamgopal @ sEshAdripuram

Vocal: Vid. Ranjani Vid. Gayathri
Violin: Vid. HM Smitha
Mridanga: Vid. Delhi P Sairam
Ghata: Vid. Sukanya Ramgopal

Occasion: 69th Ramanavami Sangeethotsava / Sree Rama Seva Samiti, SeshAdripuram
Venue: SEshAdripuram Educational Trust, Bangalore

01 smaraNe onde sAladE malayamArutha rUpaka p.dAsa

02 marivEre dikkevaraiyya rAmA shaNmukhapriya Adi paTNam subramaNya iyer (A, N, S)
nereval @ sannutAga srI vEnkatEsha ninnu

03 hiraNmayIm lakSmim sadA lalitA m.dikshitar

04 manasu swAdhIna maina shankarAbharaNa rUpaka tyAgarAja (A, S, T)
swaras @ tanuvu

05 enai nI maravAdE amritavarshini dandapANi dEsigar

06 RTP kApi chaturaSra jhampa (chaturaSra, TiSra) naDai
pallavi line: mAvama paTtAbhirAma . . . mAruti sannuta nAma
rAgamAlika swaras in varALi, mukhAri, bEhAg, (nIlamaNi and rEvati)- Parallel presentation

07 kELO sacharita (mAND darbAri kAnaDa bAgEshri dEsh) p.dAsa

08 rAma nAma maNata junjhUTi tukArAm Abhang

09 nI nAma rUpamulaku mangaLa sourAshtra Adi tyAgarAja

2017 Apr 07 Shashank DrNishanthChandra PatriSatishKumar GiridharUdupa @ SRSM

Flute: Vid. Shashank 
Violin: Vid. DrNishanthChandra 
Mridanga: Vid. PatriSatishKumar 
Ghata: Vid. GiridharUdupa 

Occasion: 79th Ramanavami Sangeethotsava / Sree Rama Seva Mandali
Venue: Fort High School, Bangalore

01 nera nammithinayya VarNa kAnaDa k aTa pUchi shrInivAsa iyengAr (O)

02 rAga suDhA rasa pAnamu jEsi AndhOLika dhEshAdhi tyAgarAja (N, S)
nerval @ rAga sudhArasa

03 viDajAladurA nA manasu vinarA nA janaranjani tyAgarAja

04 mAravairi ramaNI manju bhAshiNi nAsikAbhUshaNi Adi thyAgarAja (A, S)
swaras @ mAravairi ramaNi

05 rAga tAna pallavi mOhana Ari khaNDa naDai (R, T, P, T)
pallavi line: gAnalOla muraLIdhara hare gOpAla,  mAdhava srI vENu
rAgamAlika swaras: shubhapantuvarALi, bAgEshri, kAMbOdhi, kalyANi, bEhAg, sAvEri, sahAna

06 rAma mantrava japisO jOnpuri Adi purandara dAsa

07 payOji mainE misra pahaDi mIrA bhajan

08 thumak chalat rAmachandra  tulasidAsar bhajan

09 raghuvamsha sudhAbudhi kadhanakuthUhala Adi paTNam subrahmaNya Iyer

2017 Apr 06 Ganesh Kumaresh BPraveen NAmrith @ SRSM

Violin: Vid. Ganesh Vid. Kumaresh 
Mridanga: Vid. BPraveen 
Khanjira : Vid. NAmrith 

Occasion: 79th Ramanavami Sangeethotsava / Sree Rama Seva Mandali
Venue: Fort High School, Bangalore

01 vIribONi varNa bhairavi khaNDa aTa pachchimiriam Adiappayya (O)

02 nAdOpAsanacE shankaranArAyaNa bEgaDA Adi tyAgarAja (A)
swara @ nAdOpAsana

03 anuragamulEnI manasuna saraswati rUpaka tyAgarAja

04 nannu viDachi kadhalaku rA rIthigowLa chApu thyAgarAja

05 tyAgarAga rAgamAlike dEshAdi tyAgarAja
manOranjani, sindhu rAmakriya, jayanthasri, kalAndhi, kApi, nArayaNi, chenchu kAmbOdhi, sindhu rAmakriya, chandrajyOthi, saraswati manOhari, hamsanAdam, gambhIravaNi, naLinakAnti, kuntalavarALi, dIpakam, kaikavashi, nAgaswarAvaLi, bhUshAvaLi, mArga hindOLa, bhairavam, phalamanjari

06 rAga tAna pallavi rAmapriyA chaturaSra tripuTa (R, T, T)
rAgamAlika swaras in Kiravani, Sunadavinodini, Shahana, Varali

07 Ragamalika ugAbhOga followed by 
ODi bArayya rAgamAlika p.dAsa (vocals by Ganesh)

08 BhaLi BhaLi rAma Misra Kapi Adi Annamayya (Vocals by Ganesh)

09 madhyamAavti medley

The brothers are noted for their onstage experiments, a few of them I'm witness to and few of them I have taken pains of writing too. These 2 concerts were no exception.

During the concert at Vani School, the younger of the duo started soliciting swara sthAnas to compose a raga for the main piece RTP for the day. As the inputs flourished, it turned out to be rishabhapriya and the brothers demonstrated their authority with unmistakable ease. It just showed the amount of sadhana they had done during their formative years to exhibit this level of confidence in front of a large audience. Their father who was in audience also was one among the cheer leaders for the artists as they received abundant applause throughout the concert.

The presentation was exquisite. While every moment of the concert was of high caliber delivery by the team, this was the highlight of the day. A heavy rain at the end of the concert ensured the audience basked in the reverberations of a high-energy concert that just ended.

I was sure to follow the brothers wherever they go. They have become a rare sight (is that the right word?) for Bangalore audience. My next stop was at Sree Ramaseva Mandali the very next day.

The brothers scaled a notch higher today as compared to yesterday. To pay tribute to tyAgarAja's exclusive laya contribution "dEsAdi tALA", they felt it was injustive to play only one song in that tALA. Hence, they decided to deliver entire set of tyAgarAja's dEsAdi tALa compositions as a rAgamALika. They named it as tyAgarAga. Thanks to them, here is the link to the live recording of that performance. Even after these many days, it raises goose bumps while I relive the moment. An inexhaustible mine of music has just been captured for posterity for rasikas to relive the legendary stories of such immortal performance.

A repeat of yesterday's experiment landed up in rAmapriyA for RTP. No doubt, it’s a rare treat that could be expected only in the such capable fiddling monks.

It left the audience dazed, stunned and wonderstruck with its incredibility which feeling that would continue even after the concert is long over.

2017 Apr 05 GaneshKumaresh RShankaranarayanan GuruprasannaG @ VaniSchool

Violin: Vid. Ganesh and Vid. Kumaresh 
Mridanga: Vid. RShankaranarayanan 
Khanjira: Vid. GuruprasannaG

Occasion: 26th Ramanavami Sangeethotsava
Venue: VaniSchool, Basaveshwara Nagar, Bangalore

01 annamE VARNA Arabhi Adi tiger varadAcAri (O)

02 mOhana rAma mOhana Adi tyAgarAja (S)
swara @ mOhana rAma

03 lAvaNya rAma kannulAra pUrNashaDjam tyAgarAja

04 endhukiTu chapalamu mandAri tripuTa paTNam subramaNya Iyer (A by Kumaresh, N, S)
Nereval at ninnu tanuDani dAmOdaruni Endukitu .... chapalamu (Vocal by Ganesh)

05 marugElarA O rAghavA jayanthashrI Adi tyAgarAja

06 rAga tAna pallavi rishabhapriyA (62nd mELakarta) chaturaSra tripuTa (R, T, T)
rAgamAlika tAna in kApi, HindOLa
rAgamAlika in sAvEri, rItigauLa, and a flurry of rAgas.. switched even faster than what I could recognise

08 Sri rAma nAmamu maravamu maravamu

09 medley in madhyamAvati

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

2017 Apr 03 RudrapatnamBrothers VNalinaMohan AnoorAnanthakrishnaSharma BharvavaHalambi @ VaniSchool

Vocal: Vid. RudrapatnamBrothers 
Violin: Vid. VNalinaMohan 
Mridanga: Vid. AnoorAnanthakrishnaSharma 
Khanjari: Vid. BharvavaHalambi 

Occasion: 26th Ramanavami Sangeethotsava
Venue: VaniSchool, Basaveshwara Nagar, Bangalore

01 ninnu jUchi dhanyudaiti sourAshtra Adi patNam subrahmaNya iyer

02 paripAlayamAm rItigaULa rUpaka swAthi thirunAL (S)
swara @ tAmasa

03 sundaratara dEham kAmavardhini Adi tyAgarAja (A, N)
Nereval @ sundara tara dEham

04 pakkAla nilabaDi golicE muccaTa bAga delpa kharaharapriyA tripuTa tyAgarAja (A, N, S)
nereval @ manasUna dalachi

05 kshNamEva gaNyam manye bauLi OottukADu venkaTa kavi

06 kArubAru sEyuvAru galarE mukhAri Adi tyAgarAja (A, S, T)
swara @ kArubAru

07 mandamatiyu nAnu hamsanAdam p.dasa

08 patiki hAratIrE sItApatiki hAratIrE suraTiAdi tyAgarAja

09 nInAma rUpamulaku mangaLa sourAshtra Adi tyAgarAja

2018 Apr 23 ChitravinaRavikiran LalagudiViji SaiGiridhar GiridharUdupa @ SRSM FHS

ChitravINA : Vid. ChitravinaRavikiran  Violin: Vid. LalagudiViji  Mridanga: Vid. SaiGiridhar  Ghata: Vid. GiridharUdupa Venue/ Occas...