Monday, 29 February 2016

2016 Feb 29 MalladiBrothers MysoreNagaraj ArjunKumar GiridharUdupa @ Odukattur

Vocal: Vid. MalladiBrothers 
Violin: Vid. MysoreNagaraj 
Mridanga: Vid. ArjunKumar 
Ghata: Vid. GiridharUdupa 

Ocassion: @ Odukattur / Kalotsav

01 sAmi daya jUDa varNa kEdAragauLa tiruvetriyUr tyAgaraja (O, S)
Swara @ nI sATi dOra

02 praNamAmyaham shri gaurisutam gauLa Adi mysore vAsudEvacarya (S)
Swara @ praNamAyaham 

03 shri bAlasubramhaNyam bilahari mishra chApu M.dIkshithar (O)

04 chintaya mAam kandamUla Kandam Bhairavi rUpaka m.dIkshitar (A, N, S)
Nereval @ mangaLakara mandahAsa vadanam

05 Adena ma harudu drugu tataiyani Paraju Adi puLiyUr dhoreswAmy iyer

06 Isha pAhimam jagadIsha pAhimAm kalyANi rUpaka tyAgarAja (O)

07 koniyADina nApai kAmbOdhi Adi vINA kuppaiyer (A, N, S, T)
Nereval @ nIlakaNTha srI kALahastIsha

08 pArvati ninnu nera nammiti sukhapANi brOvu kalgaDa tishraEka syAma sAstri

09 sadA enna hridayadalli bEhAg Adi vijaya dAsa

10 nitya pUje dwijAvanti Adi aNNammAchArya

11 shiva shiva bhava sharaNam saurAshtra Adi nArAyaNa tIratha

12 vAgarthAviva sampruktou mangaLa shlOka

Being a working day, did not expect Monday blues to impact me, but my BIKE did not want to co-operate as I had planned to drive to concert directly from office. Even though yesterday night from Saketaraman concert, I drove mostly on newly surfaced roads, it had picked 4 punctures. Reluctantly I travelled ot office by car (confession: I personally don't like draining my energy by driving car on Bangalore roads). Hoped that the day would end with a better note. 

As I could wind up the work on time, started off to drive 20 km through winding routes and chaotic traffic on a Monday evening. dejavu.. the traffic was exactly as expected.. draining the energy to be rejuvenated by the brothers and their team.

The first act of rejuvenation came in form of AshIrvAda from Guru Malladi Suri Babu who accompanied the sons to the concert. I met them to place a khwAish for a song. More about this later.

The evening started  with micAsura being warded off through the holy spirits of noble souls around. Malladi Brothers presented an exhilarating concert of serene, poise and chaste classical fare. Sensitive and sowkhya in tone and equally soft bow playing by Mysore Nagaraj focussed this evening with vidwath laden concert. Each one of them demonstrated strong sruti sudham, good imagination, padantharam and stage presence. 

With a brief rAga outline, the concert started with kEdAragauLa varna (a very rarely sung Varna these days I must say) and was presented in a gripping kAlapramANa and additional kalpanA swaras were very nicely crafted. 

The next song praNamAmyaham provided the required liveliness and blessings from lord Ganapathi to the concert. Just a month back I had presented the song in our office concert, and my whole body and mind was resonating to each sangati performed by the brothers. In fact I could learn a few more sangathis from their presentation. A very refreshing performance. 

Expected bilahari alApane to be a long one (aligning to the customary format), but it turned out to be an outline. Without much elaboration, srI bAlasubrahmanaNyam was presented in a leisurely pace.

Was wondering whether my khwAish would be fulfilled as a filler / with due deligence. (This reminds me of one such request made in nAdasurabhi for a mukhAri piece and they converted it to the main piece of the concert with tani!!). One should love these artist for this reason, at least. The requests are judiciously honoured. 

The Bhairavi AlApane in dIkshitar school style had all its nuances. The AlApane had many interesting and surprising moments which are not usually heard in the AlApane of bhairavi of tyAgarAja school which once again vouched for his abundant manodharmam and vidwath.

The kriti (chintaya mAam kandamUla Kandam) is a perfect bill to be sung as the main song, but sadly very few pick up this. There was detailed neraval with elaborate swara prastaras at the pallavi. The long Avarartane of first kalam swaras was brimming with raga bhAva which had many aha moments in that. Mysore Nagaraj was at his melodic pinnacle. I wish he does similar justice while playing with his brother. 

Adena ma harudu drugu tataiyani in parAju pepped up between 2 slow pieces of the concert. A longer outline than normal for a filler and that too in parAju was a welcome change. 

Kalyani outline was with telling details and the kriti Isha pAhimAm  (kshEtra krithi of tapas tIrthapuram / lAlguDi by tyAgarAja) was a good choice for a filler. While the big 5 are selected for main, it did bring out equal soothing impact while presented in short bits. We have heard this as main song in many concerts. It was sung in a tad slow pace than many others and it was good. 

The alapane of kAMbOdhi which was taken up as the main ragam was highly imaginative. I did not expect this right after kAMbOdhi, but its the artist's choice as they wanted to present one of their favourites this evening.  The detailed AlApane , krithi, nereval and tani occupied 67 minutes of the evening !! Energitic youngsters on percussion toned down the 

This ensured that there was no further time for RTP (as the curtailed the concert to 2.30 hrs as against the schedule of 3.00 hrs)

Fillers included compositions in kalgaDa, bEhAg, dwijAvanti which were presented with full justice and no rushing.

The accompaniments played their role admirably. Mysore Nagaraj’s violin was sweet and his replies and solos were most appropriate. He also excelled in his solo for bhairavi and kAmbOdhi. Arjun Kumar has been on the steady scale of progress since he began his tutelage under Dr. UKS and showed that he is a chip of the old block. His thoppi patterns were very enjoyable and his tani received repeated applause. 

Giridhar Udupa played an apt role throughout the concert. And one could see what an outstanding artist Giridhar is. Such gifted fingers on the ghata, the years of tutelage under vid. Sukanya and his exposure to other forms of classical music was evident in each and every stroke he played.

Percussionist had a field day during tani as they enjoyed camaraderie. 

A lively and highly satisfying concert for more than two and a half hours. My picks in this concert were the Bhairavi AlApane, KambOdhi AlApane and kalpana swaras. 

2016 Feb 28 Saketharaman, HKVenkatram, Thiruvarur Bhaktavatsalam, Trupurnitara Radhakrishnan @Odukattur

Vocal: Vid. Saketharaman

Violin: Vid. HKVenkatram
Mridanga: Vid. ThiruvarurBhaktavatsalam
Ghata: Vid. TrupurnitaraRadhakrishnan

01 shlOka ...pullAgi  puDAi puzhuvAi

Pullagi, poodai puzhuvai maramaki, 
Pala virugamagi pravayai , pambaki , 
Kallai , manitharai peyai , ganangalai , 
Val asuraragi , munivaraai , devaraai , 
Chellaaa nindra , ithathavara jangamathukkul , 
Yella pirappum piranthu ,ilaithen, yem perumaane ] 26 -31

inta parAkA mAyAmALavagauLa rUpaka Anaiyya (N, S)
nereval @ kaNNa talli

02 kaNDe kaNDe kaNDe Varamu Adi p.dAsa

03 uyyAla lUgavayyA shrI rAma nIlAmbari jhampa thyAgarAja (A)

04 anurAgamulEni saraswati rUpaka tyAgarAja

05 tiruvaDi sharaNam kAmbOdhi Adi gOpAlakrishna bhArati (A, N, S, T)

started at anupallavi marupaDiyum enna....
nereval@ aDutta vanda ennai

06 RTP AbhOgi

rAga: AbhOgi
tAna: ranjani mOhana pUrvikalyANi Bilahari
pallavi : AbhOgi tiSra aTa 2 KaLai
Pallavi Line: Ananda naTana prakAsham sabhEsham naTEsham.. AshrayAmi satatam
Based on panchalinga compositions of m.dIkshitar

rAgamALika in kEdAra(AkAsha), HusEni(vAYu), SAranga (Agni), bhairavi(prithvi),  yamuna kalyANi(jala)

at the end of each rAgamAlika... sang the pallavi line of the respective composition

07 ChandrasekharaEsha SindhuBhairavi Aadi AnaiVaidyanathaIyer

08 Chandra chUDa Shiva Shankara pArvati darbArikAnaDa Adi PurandaraDasa

09 nI nAma rUpamulaku mangaLa sourAshtra Adhi thyAgarAja

Today's decision on how to make this an evening of a well-spent life was no tough choice. After a sumptuous lunch at a family function, I was ready for another sumptuous treat in the evening. (of course after sacrificing quality time at home as my kid has exams Monday onwards)

The concert of the evening started a bit late due to a junior concert that got extended beyond its scheduled closure time. I was cribbing that the main course would be shortened as a result of it. However, you attend such master concerts to have a heavy dose of music from the very word go. So no qualms there.

Since the series is organised to celebrate Shivaratri, the theme of the concerts are mostly around shiva. Only at the end of the season, we see the artists bringing in other deities in the concerts.

Vocalist started off with pullAgi  puDAi puzhuvAi, 26 - 31 shloka verses from shiva purAnam by saint Manika vasagar. There was a whiff of familiarity among the tamil speaking people.

The tamizh verses were followed up by a telugu song in mAyAmALavagaula (2 in 2 days). 

Usually the mikAsura appears on the first day of the season, here he was a day late. There were few instances of sound looping. However, it did not mar the manOdharma of the artists. That differentiates masters from the rest.

It was followed up with a quick presentation of purandara dAsa composition tuned to varamu. 

The first detailed mellifluous AlApane came in form of nIlAmbari. For a fast paced artist like Saketraraman, this was really slow and deep presentation. It had all nitty gritty that was needed for a short 6 minutes AlApane. Guessing uyyAla lUgavayya would follow was no brainer. A simple presentation without any elaboration.

anurAgamulEni in Saraswati was presented in a whiff. The whole presentation did not last more than 4 minutes.

kAmbOdhi AlApane which took the place of main song for the concert clearly indicated that it would be a composition on shiva. A small scratching the head, and coincidental alapane note indicated it would be a tiruvaDi charaNam. The karuNa rasa was well extracted by both the artists. A detailed nereval followed the krithi. While vocalist handed over to tani, Bhaktavatsalam was reluctant to start off tani. He indicated he wanted to listen to more of kAmbOdhi, which was smilingly accepted . Pretty new and creative patterns of swara prastara followed and the percussionists gradually drifted into a multi-phase tani. Without any exaggeration, it was the longest piece of the concert !!

There were no filler before RTP. AbhOgi rAga AlApane provided some clue to sabhApatikku (popular composition on siva of chidambaram by kavi GKB). However, there were twists and turns keeping the audience guessing when both the artists dwelled into rAgamAlike in tAna that composed of ranjani, mOhana, pUrvikalyANi and Bilahari which did not indicate any distinct pattern !!

Vid. Saketaram is known to do good homework (applaud the lineage) before each concert. He took time to explain the pallavi line which was based on panchalinga / panchabhUta kritis of muttuswAmi dIkshhitar.

The presentation of pallavi in tiSra aTa was another intersting aspect that highlighted the command not only over rAga but also on tALa. The rAgamALika in kEdAra (AkAsha), HusEni (vAyu), sAranga (Agni), bhairavi (prithvi), yamuna kalyANi (jala) demonstrated his deep command over the subject. The rAgamAlikas were ended with the pallavi line of each composition and necessarily did not end with the pallavi line of the RTP.

2 more filler songs were mellifluous and had an overdose of bhakti !! The ecstatic audience joined in chorus as the songs were pretty familiar.

Concert had a formal ending with pavamAna. 

I had a overdose of endophrine generated at the end of the concert. Could not sleep quickly as I went to bed, the concert was / is still ringing in my ears.

PS: A very interesting writeup on panchalinga krithis is available in this link

Sunday, 28 February 2016

2016 Feb 27 AbhishekRaghuram LRamakrishna Vishal SumeshNarayanan @ Odukattur / Kalotsav

Vocal: vid. AbhishekRaghuram 
Violin: Vid. LRamakrishna 
ChitravINA : Vid. Vishal
Mridanga: Vid. SumeshNarayanan 

Venue: Odukattur 
Ocassion: Shivaratri Celebrations / Kalotsav Festival

01 sAmi ninnE kOri VarNa shri Adhi garbhapurivAsa (O)

02 mEru samAna DhIra mAyAmALavagouLa madhyAdhi thyAgarAja (N, S)
Nereval @ gaLa mula shObillu

03 jananI ninnuvinA rItigauLa m.cApu subbarAya shAstri (A, S)
swara @ tAmasamu sEyakane

04 durmArga carAdamula dora nIvana jAlarA ranjani rUpaka tyAgarAja (O, N)
nereval @ paluku kOTi nI

05 alarulu gurIyaga ADEnADe alakala kukukula shankarAbharaNa Adi aNNammAchAryA

06 rAga tAna pallavi tODI m.cApu eDupu 2 akshara after samam
pallavi line: vENu gAna ramaNa ati vitaraNa guNa nipuNa
rAgamAlika swaras in tODi , nIlAMbari, kalyANa vasantha

07 tappu nODade bandeya nannaya tande tillAng  (dAsarapada ?? )

08 nI nAma rUpamulaku mangaLa sourAshtra Adhi thyAgarAja

Monday, 15 February 2016

2016 Feb 14 SanjaySubrahmanyan SVaradarajan NeyveliVenkatesh BRajashekar BGS RLKMSpringFest (Moments captured)

When master is at work, its an audio visual treat to rasikas. Some moments captures from the workplace :)

2016 Feb 14 SanjaySubrahmanyan SVaradarajan NeyveliVenkatesh BRajashekar BGS RLKMSpringFest

2016 02 14 SanjaySubrahmanyan SVaradarajan NeyveliVenkatesh BRajashekar BGS RLKMSpringFest

Vocal: Vid. SanjaySubrahmanyan 
Violin: Vid. SVaradarajan 
Mridanga: Vid. NeyveliVenkatesh 
Morsing: Vid. BRajashekar 

Ocassion / Venue: RLKMSpringFestical @ Bangalore Gayana SamAja 

01 vanajAksha ninnE nammi yunna vanitapai (pv) sAvEri KAta Vadivelu (TQ)

02 vandE mAtaram kEdAram mahAkavi subhramanya bharati

03 varalakshmIm bhajare re mAnasa saurAshtra  m.dikshitar (A, S)
swara @ varalakshmIm

04 ninnuvinA vErevaru mAlavi Adi GNB (A)

05 pakkAla nilabaDi golicE muccaTa bAga delpa kharaharapriyA tripuTa tyAgarAja (A, N, S, T)
nereval and swara @ tanuvu che

06 rAga tAna pallavi varALi khaNDa tripuTa 2 Kalai
Edupu: 1.5 beats
pallavi line: kANak kiDaikkumO sabEsan darisanam ... kaNDAl kalitirume
rAgamAlika swaras : sahAna, Anandabhairavi, shivaranjani

07 kandanai nI vandanai seivAi manamE kuntalavarALi TALA ? ramaswamy sivan

08 Emandune muddu bAlAmaNi kApi dharmapuri subbarayar

09 kandEnA govindanA chandrakauns purandhara dhAsa

10 nArAyananai thudhippoy komalAngi raghava ramAnujadhAsar

11 nI nAma rUpamulaku mangaLa sourAshtra Adhi thyAgarAja and vAzhiya sentamil

Sunday, 14 February 2016

2016 Feb 13 RanjaniGayathri HNBhaskar SaiGiridhar GSRamanujam @ RLKM Spring Festival

Vocal: Vid. RanjaniGayathri 
Violin: Vid. HNBhaskar 
Mridanga: Vid. SaiGiridhar 
Ghata: Vid. GSRamanujam 

Ocassion : RLKM Spring Festival / Bangalore Gayana Samaja

01 vIribONi varNa bhairavi khaNDa aTa pachchimiriam Adiappayya

02 kodu bEga dhivya mathI Arabhi Adhi puranDhara dhAsa (O, S)
swara @ koDu bEga divya mati

03 ennALu urake shubha pantuvarALi m.cApu tyAgarAja (A, S)
Swara @ mati mantu

04 srI varalakSmi srI rUpaka muttuswami dhIkshitar

05  kANa kaN kOTi vENDum kAmbOji pApanAsam sivan (A, N, S, T)
Nereval @ mANikyam

06 ETi yOchanalu kiraNAvaLi Adhi thyAgarAja

07 rAga tAna pallavi kannaDa kAnaDa, chaturaSra tripuTa, 2 kaLai, tiSra Nadai, 1 beat edupu
sharavana bhava guhane shaNmugane (kannaDa)
enna kA naTarAka mainda (kAnaDa)

rAgamAlika in kannaDa gauLa, navarasa kannaDa, darbAri kAnaDa and dwirAga (nilamani / shivarajani GrahabEdha)

08 ugAbhOga rAgamALika

dAsanAgudakke Esu janmada sukruta ... ravikOTi bhAsura srIsha suguNavanta . . . .  in pUrvikalyANi

nAsharahita ninna dAsara dAsyava lEsAgi kODu kaNDya purandara viTala... in malayamAruta

dAsanAgudakke Esu janmada sukruta ... ravikOTi bhAsura srIsha suguNavanta . nAsharahita ninna dAsara dAsyava lEsAgi kODu kaNDya purandara viTala . . . in sindhubhairavi

09 dAsara nindisa bEDa sindhubhairavi purandaradAsar

10 AbhANg mazaha viTTala pIlu jANA bAi

11 nI nAma rUpamulaku mangaLa sourAshtra Adhi thyAgarAja

Saturday, 13 February 2016

2016 Feb 12 Aswin Anand HMSmitha NRajkamal ( Venu Veena Violin) BCManjunath @ RLKMSpringFestival

VinA: Vid. Aswin Anand 
Violin: Vid. HMSmitha 
Flute: Vid. NRajkamal (Venu Veena Violin) 
Mridanga: Vid. BCManjunath 
Ghata: Vid. SukanyaRamgopal
RLKMSpringFest EDI

01 chalamEla jEsEvayya varnam nAttakuranji Adi KuppuswamyIyer

02 praNamAmyaham shri gaurisutam gauLa mysore vAsudEvacarya (O, S)
swara @ praNamAMyaham

03 bAgAyenayya candrajyOti Adhi thyAgarAja (A on vINA)

04 jananI ninnuvinA rItigauLa m.cApu subbarAya shAstri (A on violin, S)
swara @ janani ninnuvina

05 manavi nAlakicha rAdhaTE naLinakAnthi Adhi thyAgarAja

06 mInAkshi mE mudam dEhi pUrvikalyANi Adi M.dIkshithar (A on flute, N, S, T)
nereval @ madhurApuri nilaye

07 sArasa mukhi sakala bhAgyadhE gouda malhAr rUpaka Mutthayya bhAgavathar

08 rAga tAna pallavi kIravANi khaNDa tripuTa , 2 kalai
Edupu 2.5 beats after samam
pallavi LIne : tyAgarAja yOga vaibhavam ...sadA AshrayAmi
rAgamAlika in Anandabhairavi, bEhAg, jOg

09 gidu na dhiku thillAna dhanashrI Adhi swAthi thirunAL

10 nI nAma rUpamulaku mangaLa sourAshtra Adhi thyAgarAja

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

2016 Feb 09 TMKrishna RKShriramkumar ArunPrakash @ RLKM Spring Festival

Vocal: Vid. TMKrishna 
Violin: Vid. RKShriramkumar 
Mridanga: Vid. ArunPrakash

01. RTP - shaNkarAbharaNa(A, T, S, T)
Pallavi Line: chakkagAni bhajana jEsevAriki tappuga galadA srI rAmA dinadinamu
Ragamalika Pallavi - tODi, Kharaharapriya, Kurinji, YamanKalyani, nArAyaNi, Kunthalavarali, kAMbODhi, tODi, varALi, dEsh surUTi
Swaras only in shaNkarAbharaNa

02. mOkSamu galadA bhuvilO sAramati Adhi thyAgarAja (A, t, N, S) 
Neraval and swara at vINA vAdana 
Alapane by TMK
tAna by both
Kriti by SRK
Neraval and Swaras by both

03 kApAli nin karunai mOhana Adhi pApanAsham shivan (O, S) 
Sang swaram once at Kapali at the end, and while about to conclude, again started another short round of Swaras at "pa" in Ka"pa"li! 

04 Slokam Chethodarpana Anandabhairavi Sindhubhairavi

05 jagadOddhArana kApi Adhi Purandara dhAsa (O, S)

06 bhajarE rE citta bAlAmbikAm kalyANi m.cAPu m.dhIkshitar(A, N, S)
Neraval at "shrI vAgbhava kUTa jata"
Swaras at "Sringara" 

07 vaishNava janatO Mishra rAgamAlika Adhi Narsi Mehta

08 Mangala Slokam (Mangalam Kosalendraya) fwd by 
shyAma sundarAnga dhanyAsi Adhi tyAgarAja

Monday, 8 February 2016

2016 Feb 08 GRavikiran CharulathaRamanujam KVPrasad BRajashekhar @ RLKMSpringFestival

Vocal: Vid. GRavikiran 
Violin: Vid. CharulathaRamanujam 
Mridanga: Vid. KVPrasad 
Morsing: Vid. BRajashekhar 

Venue / Occasion : Bangalore Gayana Samaja / SRLKM Spring Festival

01 calamEla jEsEvayya nATakurinji mUlevIdu rangaswamy nattuvanAr (O)

02 kannAre kaNDEna achyutana kannada rUpaka p.dAsa (O, S)
Swara @ kaNNAre kaNDe nA 

03 vinatA suta vAhana shrI ramaNa jayantasEnA dEshAdi tyAgarAja

04 illE vaikuNTHa namma shrIlakSmi varALi purandaradAsar (A, N, S)
nereval @ paravAsudEvane ranganAyakanendu 

05 kripa jUchuTaku vELara  ChayA tharangiNi Adi tyAgarAja

06 ambA kAmAkshi bhairavi swarajathi miSra cApu shyAma shAstri (A, N, T)
nereval @  bhakta jana kalpalatikA karuNAlaya sadaya 

07 namaste paradEvate dEvAnji tiSra Eka m.dIkshitar

08 rAga tAna pallavi nATTakuranji chaturaSra tripuTa , eDupu-2 beats from samam
pallavi line: lambOdara lakumIkara ambAsuta amaravinuta 
RAgamAlika in malahari. .anandabhairavi. . KalyANi. .SurUTi

09 manda matiyo nAnu valaji Jhampa p.dAsa

10 nI nAma rUpamulaku mangaLa sourAshtra Adhi thyAgarAja

2016 Feb 07 BombayJayashri EmbarKannan PatriSatishKumar GGuruprasanna BGS RLKMSpringFestival

Vocal: Vid. BombayJayashri 
Violin: Vid. EmbarKannan 
Mridanga: Vid. PatriSatishKumar 
Khanjari: Vid GGuruprasanna 

Venue/ Occasion: Bangalore Gayana Samaja /  SRLKM Spring Festival

01 sarasija nAbha mAm pAhi varNa nATa Adi paramEShwara bhAgavathar (O)

02 gajavadana bEDuve Hamsadhwani Adi p.dasa (O, S)
swara @ gajavadana bEDuve

03 shambhO mahAdEva kAmavardhini rUpakam tyAgarAja (A, N, S)
nereval @ shambO mahAdEva

04 OrajUpu juchEdhi nyAyama kannada gouLa Adhi thyAgarAja

05 swara rAga laya suDhA shankarAbharaNa Adhi thyAgarAja (A, N, S)
Nereval @ rajata girIshuDu
swara @ swara rAga laya

06 sakala graha bala nIne aTANa khanda chApu puranDhara dhAsa 
(started from anupallavi)

07 rAga tAna pallavi madhukauns, khaNDa tripputa 2 kalai
eDupu - 2 beats after samam
pallavi line: mIna lOchani mAm pAhi madhu kaushika vANi madhura
rAgamAlika in madhukauns, sAranga, bAgEshri, sindhu bhairavi

08 mrigaya tarAda mAdhava nArAyaNa tIrtha

09 ondu bAri smaraNe sAlade sindhubhairavi (started with akaLanka charita hariya pAda)

10 tillAna pahAdi Adi LalguDi G Jayaraman

11 sarva mangaLa mAngalyE (Shloka)

Monday, 1 February 2016

2016 Jan 31 RanjaniGayathri HNBhaskar ManojSiva SukanyaRamgopal @ SamaganaSabha

Vocal: Vid. Ranjani Gayathri 
Violin: Vid. HNBhaskar 
Mridanga: Vid. ManojSiva 
Ghata: Vid. SukanyaRamgopal 

Venue : Choudaiah Memorial Hall 
Organiser : Samagana Sabha

01 dayamADo ranga rItigaula Adi purandara dAsa (S)
swara @ dayamADo ranga

02 mArakOTi sundari bahudAri GN bAlasubramanian (A, S)
swara @ mArakOTi

03 mAmava mInAkshi rAjamAthangi varALi mishra chApu m.dhIkshithar (N)
Nereval @ shyAmE shankari

04 upachAramu jEsE bhairavi rUpaka thyAgarAja (A, S, T)
swara @ vAkiTane

05 paradEvatE un padam maNirangu p.shivan

06 rAga tAna pallavi bEhAg
pallavi Line: hari smaraNe mADo nirantara.. paragatige idu nirdhAra
tiSra tripuuTa tiSra gati .. Edupu 1 beat after samam
rAgamAlika in rEvagupti, mALavi, kApi, chandrakauns/madhukauns in parallel

07 tALuvikegintA sindhubhairavi k.cApu vAdirAja

08 atha kOTHe dAve mana mana abhang bhImpalAs tukArAm

09 nI nAma rUpamulaku mangaLa sourAshtra Adhi thyAgarAja

2018 Apr 23 ChitravinaRavikiran LalagudiViji SaiGiridhar GiridharUdupa @ SRSM FHS

ChitravINA : Vid. ChitravinaRavikiran  Violin: Vid. LalagudiViji  Mridanga: Vid. SaiGiridhar  Ghata: Vid. GiridharUdupa Venue/ Occas...