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2013 Nov 29 - RaGa sisters, HM Smitha, HS Sudheendra SN NarayanaMurthy @ nAdasurabhi

Vocal : Vid(s) Ranjani and Gayathri
Violin     : Vid H.M.Smitha
Mridanga : Vid  H.S.Sudhindra
Ghata : Vid S.N.Narayanamurthy

01 evari bOdhana vini - abhOgi - Adhi - patNam subramhaNya iyer (s)

02 venkaTEshA daya mADo - sahana - P.dasa

03 nI vAdanE gAna - sAranga - jhampa - thyAgarAja  (A, N S)
Nereval @ sathyambu
Swara @ sathyambu

04 nannu brOvu lalita - lalita - m.cApu - shyAmA shAstri

05 jagadishwari kripai - mOhana - thiruvarur ramasami  pillai adi 2 kalai (A S T)
Swara @ jagadishwari and Tani

06 marivEre gathi nAkevaru - MALavi - Adhi - GNB

07 nATakapriya - rtp
Misra jhampa 2 kalai .. gopucha pattern
Vasumahitaam sumahitaam mahitaam hitaam taam aashraye nATakapriyAm
Off samam 2 beats ... starts at 3rd beat
RAgamAlika hamsadhwani. .KAnaDa. .rEvati. . dEsh. .

08 viruttum - kadalAgi kashindu kaNNi - sAvEri..brindAvana sAranga bEhAg. .

09 idadAno tillai sthalam - bEhAg

10 yAke kadegaNNinda nODuve - Ahir bhairav

11 abhang - bholAva viTTala

12 mangalam

On a gloomy day (I dont need to remind that SRT retired today) even as the almighty was weeping profusely, really needed something special to uplift my mood. RaGa sisters did a great job in doing so by bringing in some special compositions for this concert.

Took a calculated risk of leaving home earlier than normal. To my surprise, the hall was fairly full by 5.30 even though it was raining all afternoon. By that time, even artists had arrived.

A welcome note to a gloomy evening was done through AbhOgi varNa

Sisters always make an attempt to sing few (new) kannada songs when they perform in Bangalore. So did they with Venkatesha daya mADo. Even though it was a repeat of rAga , the composition was neatly rendered without any frills.

sAranga Alapane had masterly touch dwelled in good length.  nEreval and swaras were equally good and violinist traced them well.

Lalita followed as a filler.

Gayathri presented the mOhana AlApane, repeating the excellence in every sangati performed. jagadIshwari presented for the first time to Bangalore audience was dwelled well. Missed nereval and directly jumped into kalpana swaras.

mAlavi filler was followed by nAtakapriya RTP. A refreshing change from the routine rAgAs. Was quick to recognise it. Violinist HM Smitha needs a special mention here. She showed her talent par excellence in each return she played for Alapane and tAna.

gOpuchha pallavi was pretty elegant. a tough tAla with and eDUpu posed a good challenge to all accompaniments and especially HS Sudheendra enjoyed playing to this piece.

routine fillers followed last 30 mins of the concert.

Bangalore audience was on their toes to listen to the fillers,(may be like someone who attends a dinner only for desserts leaving away the main course). I wish they lookout for something new rather than the same 2 abhang every time. Artists were compelled to sing this one.

The standout piece of the day was RTP and not to forget the upcoming violinist HM Smitha. May be its time to announce she has arrived ! She is going to make it into the big league of good accompanists.

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