Tuesday, 12 April 2016

2016 Apr 12 1900 Kumaresh JayanthiKumaresh RShankarnarayanan Giridhar Udupa @ Vani School

Violin: Vid. Kumaresh R
ViNA: Vid. JayanthiKumaresh 
Mridanga: Vid. RShankarnarayanan 
Ghata: Vid. Giridhar Udupa 

Occasion: 25th Ramanavami Music and Dance Festival @ Vani School, Basaveshwara Nagar, Bangalore

01 vanajAkSirO I viraha kalyANi varNa Adi rAmanathapuram srInivAsa iyengAr

02 praNamAmyaham shri gaurisutam gauLa mysore vAsudEvacarya (S)
swara @ natalOka santOshadAyakam

03 shrI nArada nAda sarasIruha kAnaDA rUpakA tyAgarAja (A, S)
swara @ sri nArada

04 yArE rangana yArE krishNana HindhOLa Adhi puranDhara dhAsa

05 rAga tAna pallavi nATTakuranji chaturaSra tripuTa, 1 Kalai, Tani

06 composition in sindhubhairavi

07 medley madhyamAvati

Power packed concert in the season of T20s. The concert was in full speed from the very first note. 

KalyANi varna was directly played in second speed. During the chittaswaras, both fiddling  monk and vaiNika took turns to play the swaras independently. It was almost like both hands were dancing to 

swaras played for praNamAmyaham had interesting and trademark ma .. pa .. ni ending presented beautifully

kAnaDa was the choice for submain of the evening. Was expecting sukhi evvaro... but it turned out to be srI nArada. The very first bow of the AlApane indicated it would kAnaDa. Such was the precision !!

Post the quick hindOLa filler, came the elaborate rAga tAna in nATTakuranji. Very expansive essay of the rAga with each instrumentalists taking turns to decorate. The final tAna by Kumaresh received thunderous applause. 

There was no announcement of the pallavi line, nor were any rAgamAlika swaras at the end. It was a pure and pristine nATTakuranji all through the 40 minutes of RTP. 

Tani was another highlight of the concert. The newly setup pendal resonated many times during the ghumki playing by both percussionists. 

A composition in Sindhubhairavi and further medley in madhyamAvati (harivarAsanam, nagumOmu, bhAgyAdalakshmi bAramma) indicated that they are going to end the concert 15 mins early !!

A small note of dissappointment.. a 3 hour concert slot was used only for 2 hrs ! the junior concert earlier ended whopping 30 mins late !

However, everthing that was presented in 2 hrs was worth the hadrship of travelling 32 kms to the concert in hot summer evening of Bangalore when it was 40 Degree Celsius.

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  1. It was a truly most satisfying concert. The mastery and dedication for the purity for primacy over the technical virtuosity, made their performance highly praiseworthy. Natakurunji raga in all its splendor permeated the hearts of connoisseurs (full house). I had to exit after the tana, with heavy heart and regret, standing testimony to the quality of excellence in Vid.Kumaresh and Vidu.Jayanthi Kumaresh. I wish this commitment and dedication for excellence subjugating the spirit for technical expertise show casing is well and deeply set with Vid.Kumaresh, making every performance of theirs in future, excellent.
    Sandhyavandanam Madhva Muni Rao'


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