Saturday, 9 April 2016

2016 Apr 09 1830 Sanjay SVaradarajan PoongulumSubramanian SVenkataramanan @ SRSM

Vocal: Vid. Sanjay Subrahmanyan 
Violin: Vid. S Varadarajan 
Mridanga: Vid. Poongulum Subramanian
Khanjari: Vid. S Venkataramanan

Occasion: Ramanavami National Music Festival
Venue: Fort High School, Bangalore

01 jalajAksha ninnE VarNa hamsadhwani Adhi mAnambUchavAdi venkatasubbayyar

02 pallANDu pallAnDu pallayirattandu palakkOi (tpl) nATa KChapu periAlwAr

03 bhajana sEyavE manasA kalyANi rUpaka tyAgarAja

04 kArubAru sEyuvAru galarE mukhAri Adi tyAgarAja (A)

05 mA jAnaki cheTTabeTTagA kAmbOdhi Adhi thyAgarAja
nereval @ vANi mATalentu 

06 enduku daya rAdura tOdi miSra cApu thyAgarAja (A, N, S,T)
Nereval @ tAraka charita tyAgarAja vinuta

07 innum parAmukhamEnO bEgaDa duraisvami kavirayar

08 mOhan rAga tAna Pallavi KhaNDa TripuTa 2 kaLai Edupu 2 beats after samam
Pallavi: Kanaka sabhEsha jagadIsha naTana prakAsha 
rAgamAlika in sahanA. . . VarALi. . HusEni. .. nalinakAnti. .Sindhubhairavi. .

09 iduvO tillai sindhubhairavi gOpalakrishna bharati

10 kanDu dhanya nAdhe behAg Adhi mOhanaviTTala dhAsa

11 gita du niki dhiku thillAna dhanashrI Adhi swAthi thirunAL

12 nI nAma rUpamulaku mangaLa sourAshtra Adhi thyAgarAja

Being the first concert after a month long sabbatical, I was all energetic. Cut short my Ugadi celebrations at my hometown, rushed back to listen to Sanjay as I knew the evening would be a blockbuster.

At the end, the concert represents a subtle theme. Rama praised through the eyes of his relationships- jAnaki, his subjects and lord Shiva. Lucky are those who lived to see rAma in their mortal form. Thanks to tyAgarAja for such gems which helps us to relive those days through his music. The main part of the concert was completely consumed by tyAgarAja compositions. Who else could have done justice in praise of lord rAma. Kudos to Sanjay for presenting in this theme.

And this is a firm footed assurance that on any evening Sanjay can deliver a 100 / 100 concert. On a very hot summer evening, he was still energetic to run another show of 3 hrs at the end of this concert. Only audience had drained out their energy through the evening. 

The sound engineer did a fantastic job of producing demon less sound throughout the evening. The backdrop of the stage has a fresh look of embossed carvings inspired by Mysore royalty. Kudos to the team that has organized this festival. With such glitch free 2 continuous days, I’m sure RSM is the place to invest the evenings of next 29 days.


  1. I saw you yesterday too, seated opposite Sanjay in the third row. Pleased to read the knowledgeable review after hearing the concert for which superlatives will be found wanting. 'You are not feeling warm?' in the Chennaish statement turned to question also sounded musical. You have changed Sanjay's gender in a a few places. When Sanjay started the anupallavi, I was reminded of ARI whose Thodi was the pinnacle of the raga. Kambodhi had SSI peeping through. I dod not think I have heard a sweeter Mohanam. Maharajapuram dynasty may grudgingly cede this point. He brings some new musical expression that to my lay mind appears aesthetic and at the same time adds a 'new generation' sparkle. I wonder whether one can enjoy another concert for the next few days.

  2. Lovely read; missed the concert though.

  3. Scholarly account of Sanjay's performance....

  4. Missed this...but your blog makes me feel like having attended the concert! Thanks Badari....

  5. Missed this...but your blog makes me feel like having attended the concert! Thanks Badari....

  6. Oh missed the concert. Not in town. Balachandran Bangalore

  7. You are absolutely right RSM is the place to be during the Ramanavami season


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