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2014 Apr 16 Dr.PantulaRama MSN Murthy HS Sudhindra BR Ravikumar @ SRSM

Vid.Dr.Pantula Rama 
Violin: Vid.MSN Murthy 
Mridanga: Vid.HS Sudhindra 
Ghata: Vid.BR Ravikumar

01 manavi nAlakicha rAdhaTE naLinakAnthi Adhi thyAgarAja

02 baNTu rIthi kOlu vIyavayya rAma hamsanAdha dhEshAdhi thyAgarAja (A, S)

03 E rAmuni nammitinO nE vakuLAbharaNa m.cApu tyAgarAja (A, S)

04 sanAtanA paramapAvanA phalamanjari Adi tyAgarAja

05 parama pAvana rAma pUrvikalyANi Adhi rAmnAd shrInivAsa iyengAr (A, N, S)

06 palukavEmi nA daivamA pUrNachandrika Adi tyAgarAja

07 rAga tAna pallavi nArAyaNi, Adi 2 kaLai, 6 akshara after eDupu, Tani

Pallavi Line: ramanIvE brovavayya sadA varamolasagi srI

rAgamAlika Swaras : sahanA, darbAri kAnaDa

08 rAma rAma rAma sItA husEni rUpaka tyAgarAja

09 mAmava paTTAbhi rAma maNirangu M Eka m.dIkshitar

I had heard her previous concert at Gayana Samaja monthly concert attended by a handful of lucky rasikas and had been impressed so I made it a point to attend her concert this season. I wasn't disappointed.

With a brief setup delay, the concert started with an outline on naLinakAnti and directly dwelled to present manaiv nAlakincha.. without any elaborations.

After the first song, a brief alapana of raga hamsanAda was rendered The swaras in the second kalam rendered had very interesting combinations. Everything perfectly in place.

This was followed by an elaborate alapana of vakulAbharaNa which Im hearing for the first time.. and these are the simple reasons that attracts me to her concert. The kriti was rendered well with embelishment of quick swaras in 2 kalams were rendered.

Brief filler of phlamanjari brought a torrent wave. 

Next pUrvikalyANi was taken for elaboration which lasted for 10 minutes of each performers. She presented some unusual prayogams in the mandrasthayi.  Her ability to traverse mandra with such an ease just indicates the asura sAdhana that must have gone into shaping her music. 

While singing kalpana swaras she sang  in an innovative style. She sang first kala swaras suffixing with first part of the pallavi line and second kala swaras suffixing second part of the pallavi line alternatively. 

palukavEmi nA daivamA  in pUrNachandrika was a filler 

rAga tAna pallavi nArAyaNi, Adi 2 kaLai, 6 akshara after eDupu, Tani
Pallavi Line: ramanIvE brovavayya sadA varamolasagi srI
rAgamAlika Swaras : sahanA, darbAri kAnaDa

Dr Rama commenced in the higher registers and introduced some lovely phrases. In full flow of manOdharma, alapane and tAna singing demonstrated the completeness of her vidwat. Hardly few artists live upto this level of challenge in each concert they present. Dr Rama is one of them. The alapana was something special and hard to describe in words. 

It was apt that pallavi that followed, with its flowing nereval and sangatis. She sang the pallavi with the full energy it deserves. rAgamAlika swarams were beautifully sung. 

Tail pieces included  rAma rAma rAma sItA husEni rUpaka tyAgarAja and mAmava paTTAbhi rAma maNirangu M Eka m.dIkshitar . I had a beat skipped in my heart. Almost at 9.40 in the evening, taking up this majestic krithi, even without any elaborations, she did full justice to the bhAva that the krithi  deserved.

Had to leave after this... and as I understand she sang a sindhubhairavi krithi and mangaLa.

All the kritis in the list were abundantly soaked with bhakthi & full of bhavam. She was singing with so much of dedication and self-enjoyment. She has a very elegant stage presence without much of body movement as she traverses the octaves. It was wonderful to watch her bring out those special brigas and gamakams characteristic of her unique style. 

Needless to elaborate about MSN Murthy's violin accompaniment, exactly matching her style. Even HS Sudheendra on mridangam and B Ravikumar ghatam respectively accompanied her perfectly with a great demonstration of anticipation. It was a great comradrie on display as she kept lauding their playing all thro’ the concert, in appreciation. 

Good things dont come to an end.. It will stay in the mind for a long long time. 

It was an outstanding enthrallment and a well spent evening.

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