Saturday, 8 February 2014

Classicism to the core.. !

Recently I had an opportunity to attend the concert of a popular vidwan of our generation organised by a non descript sabha and that too at a non descript hall. Bhakatas (as they had come to listen to a pravachana) continued to stay back with additional audience who had come specifically to attend vidwan's concert.

The concert started at 7.30 and the scheduled time to end was around 9.00 pm.

Without much ado to setup of the paraphranelia... Vidwan started off with rAma bANa .. bringing out the essence of rAmA's bANa power in slow motion. Violinist and mridangist indeed did a great job of accompanying at this tempo. Had few bhesh bhesh moments even though they are not regular accompaniments to this Vidwan. They did a job on par with his regular accompaniments.

A detailed khamAs was followed up by sujana jIvana, another rarely heard composition in kutchEris now a days. A good treat of nereval and swaras once again followed at an apt tempo. Vidwan was singing as though there was no derth for time.

Brief dEvagAndhAri Alapane and kshIra sAgara ensured that shEshashayana had a good sleep tonight. The bhakti bhAva was oozing out of both vocal and violin performances.

By now it was already 8.30 and was expecting a main piece to follow.

Vidwan started off with mAyAmAlavagaula (was easy to guess) . But some rasikas (bhaktAs ?) started scratching the head.. which prompted the artist to announce the name of the raga. mEru samAna that followed had all the majestic improvisation to reiterate that it was the majestic composition in mAyAmALavagaula. a 15 min krithi presentation and a 10 minute tani completed the allocated slot for the concert. 

However, a noted artist (read organiser) came out to give a 2 min speech which took up 12 + minutes..

Vidwas was is no mood to stop , He starated off with a viruttum on mAuLav ganga... the traditional SSI trademark. 
( composed by appayya dIkshitar from a village called adatapalam near arani town .. 40 kms away tiruvaNNAmalai. Thanks to his role as mukhya mantri under the nawAb of ArcOT, who was instrumental in preserving hindu temples in north Arcot , Kanchi region from the influence of nawAb). 
This was a way of Vidwan thanking the composer for all the good work he did for hindus.

Violinist accompanied par excellence during viruttum. It was followed up with a small dESh composition of purandara dAsa .. viTala salahO swAmi.

Finally concluded the 2 hrs concert with trademark mangala song nI nAma rupamulaku.

Neither me nor did the other rasikas .. (I believe they wont contest) did expect such a power packed concert in such a short time slot. 

It was a memorable concert indeed, and it was a long time since I heard such a pure classicism in such short concert. Infact I have never heard this Vidwan delivering such short concerts.
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Your guess to the name of the Vidwan.. will make you feel you missed a treat right at your door step for some of the forumites.

Let the guess work begin.. (those who are very sure... pl PM me.. dont break the suspense online)  :-$ I will reply online for the messages that I receive) . Will break the suspense at an appropriate time.

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