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2014 Feb 08 Ranjani Gayathri, HN Bhaskar, Delhi S Sairam Omkar G Rao @ RLKM

Vocal: Vid Ranjani, Vid Gayathri
Violin: Vid H N Bhaskar
Mridanga: Vid Delhi Sairam
Ghata : Vid Omkar G Rao

01 sarasijanAbha mAm pAhi sakala bhuvana vandya varNa nATa Adi Parameshvara Bhagavatar ( / swAti thirunAL as announced by artists ??)

02 dayamADo ranga rItigaula Adi purandara dAsa (S)

03 uNDEdi rAmuDu okaDu harikAmbOdhi rUpakA tyAgarAja (A, N @ tAmasAdi guNarahituDu , S)

04 kAmAkshi bangAru kAmakshi varAli m.cApu shyAmA sAstri

05 raksha bettarE dhoraku bhairavi Adi thyAgarAja (A, N S T)

06 sEvikka vEndum ayya chidhambaram AndhOLika Adhi mutthu thAnDavar ( / GKB as per my knowledge ??)

09 rAga tAna  pallavi - saraswati lalita durgA

   pallavi  in saraswati lalitA durgA khaNDa aTa eDup 2 atIta beats

Pallavi line:

Saraswati vINa pustaka dhAriNi 

Hari vakshasthalAlaye lalite 
mAte kanaka durge mAm pAhi

In respective ragas

10 ugAbhOga mana shuddi illadavage mantrada phala Eko tanu shuddi illadavage khamAs kalyANa vasantha

11 baNNisi gOpi harasidanu kalyANa vasantha purandara dAsa

12 sant nAmdEv mArva abhAng

13 viTOba sala mandira abhang

14 nI nAma rUpamulaku mangaLa sourAshtra Adhi thyAgarAja

Little did I imagine the rush that I encountered during my visits earlier this week for other concerts was an indication of what was in store for me for today. Even though I reached the venue at 5.00 pm well 45 mins ahead of the scheduled start, I was directed to balcony as ALL the seats at ground floor was full !!

Ra Ga sisters started off the concert with an acknowledgement that RLKM was indeed their second home ! 

Sisters started off with a brisk varna in nATa. Even though Ga announced it as maharAja swAti thirunaL, my reference list indicates a different composer. Your inputs welcome to clarify my confusion is welcome.

dayamAdo ranga which is usually heard in kalyANi or mOhana (and also in hindustAni style) was presented with a unique rasa in rItigauLa. Unbelievable bhakti rasa oozes out when presented in rItigaUla. It should be said that sisters need to present this often to make this version a popular one.

First AlApane came in the form of harikAmbOdhi which was done by Ranjani and followed by uNDEdi rAmuDu. nereval and swaras were brisk and apt to the tempo of the track.

With a sketch of varALi, sisters started of presenting kAmAkshi in a sedate viLamba style. Presented without any elaboarations , it was an apt filler before the grand bhairavi was elaborated.

Both sisters presented elaboration of bhairavi in turns and the feeling was very evocative. rakSha beTTare (which is rarely heard these days) had apt length of nereval and swras.

At this point I must commend the team that had demonstrated their vidwat in each and every opportunity provided. The sound system had the right balance and each instrument could be clearly heard. HN Bhaskar as eloquent as usual, Delhi Sairam first timer in Bangalore, and Omkar Rao.. the one who has quickly matured into a top artists played their roles very aptly.

Audience too made their presence felt with loud applause at appropriate points during the presentation and at the end of each presentation.

AndhOLika filler took the place for the traditional filler as RaGa sisters regularly do before their grand presentation of RTP. It had warmed them up to take up the RTP.

The  RTP started with a very unfamiliar note ( as this rAga is not that often elaborated on stage) .. the clues were evident for me to guess the correct name of the rAga (I have just started learning saraswati rAga krithi BTW in my class). Was very happy to list another "recognisible" raga in my list. In turns they switched and elaborated lalita. The moment they switched, I felt in my 6th sense that they would pick a rAga on pArvati.. and it happened to be durgA. The synchronisation and anticipation they demonstrated when they switched and further elaborated, was creating butterflies in my stomach. Audience acknowledged the demonstration of vidwat with almost frequent after ending of  every sangati.

The grand pallavi was the crescendo of the concert. The way the sisters switched between raga during the closure of swaras was the grand pinnacle of the concert and it almost called for a minute long applause before the mridangist took over for a small tani.

The compositions presented later does not need a mention as I was still sulking in the 3 rAga RTP. 

Sisters  overall gave a neat performance. Each concert is better than their previous. Each and every kriti was rendered so well. They are top of the duos today and I see them making it more difficult for other pair to replace them. Once again vidwat's calibre proved by their performance.

Excellent music and Listening pleasure indeed cannot be put in words... with the whole team coming together and egging on each other. Delhi Sairam was seen constantly encouraging and applauding the Ghatam vidwAn

Indeed an evening well spent. This one evening is going to be on my mind for almost next 6 weeks after which I intend to attend the next concert.

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