Monday, 24 February 2014

2014 Feb 17 Dr R K Srikantan passes away

Pic: At RKS residence during my visit to his house in Sept 2011 

Another sad day for the world of carnatic music. A doyen has left for the heavenly abode, leaving with a vacuum.

His contribution to the world of music is unmatchable achievement that any musician has ever achieved or will achieve in future.

We need another RKS to come alive to break this record. He was such an inspiration to all the youngsters.

My first association with him was when I attended a live concert of his at R V Dental College almost 8 years ago where he performed a concert on rare krithis in rare ragas. I was flabbergasted with the amount of knowledge he had.

My next encounter was as a student as at RLKM when he conducted a week long workshop. It was an amazing learning from the veteran.

Wish I had more of him to learn in any opportunity I could get. However, we should be happy that we lived in his times and thank almighty for whatever opportunity he gave us to listen live to the master.

I should be happy for whatever fortunate association I had with him. May his soul rest in peace.

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  1. Some articles that provide insight into the doyens life is compiled by IMPU team. The link is here


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