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2017 Nov 11 TMKrishna HKVenkataram KUJayachandraRao GGuruprasanna @ MA Narasimhachar Music Foundation's 16th Annual Music Festival

Vocal: Vid. TMKrishna 
Violin: Vid. HKVenkataram 
Mridanga: Vid. KUJayachandraRao 
Khanjari: Vid. GGuruprasanna 

Organiser / Occasion : MA Narasimhachar Music Foundation's 16th Annual 

Music Festival
Venue : Bangalore Gayana Samaja

01 sukhi evvarO rAma nAma kAnaDa Adi tyAgarAja (O, N, S)
Nereval at nirantaramu tyAgarAja

02 nera nammithinayya VarNa kAnada k Ata pUchi shrInivAsa iyengAr (T, S, T)
rAgamAlika tAna, too quick switches to recognise (hindOLa, sahAna, kApi)
Inputs from another rasika who filled in the blanks for me.
kAnaDA, kIravANI, kAnaDA, hindOLam, kAnaDA, vAgadISvarI?, kAnaDA, sahAnA, kAnaDA, kApi, kAnaDA and reverse of the same ragas

03 dEvi shrI tuLasamma mAyAmALavagauLa Adi tyAgarAja (A, N, S )
nereval @ nIvulEka vanamAlayani palikirA (LINK)

04 nenjukku nItiyum sindhubhairavi Subramanya Bharati (T, S)
swaras @ Om shakti Om

05 vinatA suta vAhana shrI ramaNa jayantasEnA dEshAdi tyAgarAja (A, N, T)
nereval @ matabEdha

06 jAnaki pathe jaya kAruNya jaladhe kharaharapriya Adi pApanAsham shivan 

(A only on Violin, and later a ShlOka in kharaharapriyA)
shringAram kshiti nandini, viharaNe vIram dhan bhanjane ..

09 OmkAra AkAriNI lavangi bAlamuraLi krishNA (O)

10 kAnchIsham EkAmranAyakam noTTUswara shaNkarAbharaNa m.dIkshitar

My new vocational have kept me away from music for quite a while, but did not want to miss the coveted MANMF series this weekend.

It was quite a while I had heard Vid. TM Krishna at Bangalore. Being a crowd puller and no other engagements on TV for the glued one, expected it to be a HOUSEFUL affair. A vantage seat for good acoustics and stage view is guaranteed if you are an early bird. I was one among them.

The sound system after renovation has improved leaps at Bangalore Gayana Samaja, and I did not expect any hassles in TMK accepting the settings for an ON-THE-DOT start of the concert.

A brief outline into kAnaDa paved way into an evocative sukhi evvaro (its me... was the answer) each time the hall reverberated with the deep solid masculine sound from the vocalist. Seasoned violinist Vid. H K Venkatram provided an evocative soukhyam with his support. The first half hour was utilized well with apt share of manodharma which traversed 3 octaves effortlessly.  Violinist contrasted the pitch when the violin reached its pitch limitation on the lower side.

Expecting something (rather anything) would lead the audience into disappointment. Vid. TMK felt like dwelling in kAnaDa for some more time. Paving way into an elaborate tAna and responded equally well by Vid. HKVenkatram, the soukhyam continued. rAgamAlika tAna was too quick in its switching, leaving the audience spellbound and making them just live the moment.

The detailed AlApane came in form of mAyAmALavagauLa. While there is no definition of Main / tukkaDa in a TMK format of the concert, this could be treated as a main as it had all the ingredients to its detailed level. 25 mins of AlApane and another 25 minutes of krithi with manodharma utilized a full hour to bring out the hues of one of my favourite rAga. The presentation of AlApane was so leisurely that one could delineate each note sung and played with full ease. While I pen down this note, it is still ringing in my head even after 48 hours!

TAna 2 of the concert was in Sindhubhairavi, completely delivered by violinist after the initial trigger. Bharatiyar song which is usually sung in Toto was elaborated with swaras in high speeds.

A short AlApane of jayantasena (rishabha varjya kharaharapriya) kept audience guessing till he announced after an apt time into it. Tani followed the neraval. Another good 45 mins of concert progressed.

After a brief violin AlApane, Vid. TM Krishna dwelled into a shlOka to prelude the krithi. Janaki pathe had the shortest neraval without much opportunity for accompanying violinist to replicate it.

On demand from the organizer, he presented lavAngi krithi of Dr BMK and a noTTuswara composition from M.dIkshitar.

Overall, it was an evocative evening, utilizing the full 3-hour slot for the concert, TMK and his team ensured that this concert will be remembered by the ones who attended for a long long time.

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  1. Dear Mr. Badri
    Beautifully narrated.... Nice Blog.
    I was there at the concert but couldn't stay till the end.
    Thanks for this wonderful explanation



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