Tuesday, 5 March 2013

2013 March 04 RamakrishnanMurthy CharulataRamanujam SrimushanamVRajaRao RanganathaChakravarthy

Ramakrishnan Murthy returned to back to Bangalore in a span of 3 days to present a detailed concert for kalOtsav festival @ oDukattur mutt.

Accompanied by stalwarts, I was in for a treat of complete concert as this sabha is known to start on time and offer a complete 3 hour slot for the artist to present his vidwat. Vid Ramakrishnan Murthy, in my view, made the best use of the opportunity. and I don't think I was disappointed at the end.

Here is a list of the songs presented in the evening.

01 inta cAlamu jEsitE VARNA bEgaDA Adi vINai kuppiyer
02 chadram bhaja mAnasa asAvEri chaturashra maTTya M.dIkshitar
03 brOchEvA revarE raghupathE shrIranjani Adhi thyAgarAja
04 dhanyAsi AlApane followed by kanulAra kaNTi dhanyAsi rUpaka walajApet venkataramaNa bhagavathar
05 vazhi maraiththu nAtakuranji chApu gOpAlakriShNa bhArathi
06 marugElarA O rAghavA jayanthashrI Adi thyAgarAja
07 shaNkarAbharaNa AlApane followed by enduku peddalavale buddhi shankarAbharaNam Adi tyAgarAja and tani
08 EdayyA gati calanATa Adi koTESwara Iyer
09 iDadu padamtUkki khamAs Adi pApanAsam sivan
10 viruttum kApi
11 jagadOddhArana kApi Adhi Purandara dhAsa
12 dhirana tanadhImta TILLANA cenjuruTi vIna seshaNNa
13 rAmachandrAya janaka mangaLam kuranji bhadrAcala rAmadas

The appetiser was presented in form of bEgaDa varna and a navagraha krithi for the day chandram bhaja mAnasa in asAveri. Both built the tempo for the proceedings for the evening

The shriranjani piece picked up the pace with a brisk swara pattern that was presented.

The first AlApana came in the form of dhanyAsi ( my another favourite..). Not so frequently heard kanulAra kanTi presentation demonstrated the vast reportire of the artist.

The sedate filler for vaZhi marai was compensated by marugElara. Wondering when will this compositon get a main stage ?

The ever grand shaNkarAbharNa was presented in much detail to last for around 30 minutes. endku peddala emelisshed with nereval and swaras lasted equally long. The stalwart took over to present a 30 minute tani.

Tail pieces quickly occupied the next 30 minutes, with mridangist dominating the decisions on proceedings. It is still early stages for Vid Ramakrishnan Murthy, but with his talent and dedication, I look forward for days where he is command of the proceedings on the stage.


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