Thursday, 7 March 2013

2013 Mar 05 NRavikiran Akkarai SubhAlakshmi BCManjunath NAmrith Giridhar Udupa @ vINeya beDagu

01 Introduction to varNa sAmi ninnE nammiyunnAnura nAmida pUrvikalyANi varNa khaNDa maTya vINA sEshaNNa
02 dhEnuka AlApane followed by rAmAbhi rAma nivugAka brOcheva dhEnuka rUpaka vINA sEshaNNa
03 dwijAvanti AlApane followed by prasanna gOpAla dwijAvanti misra aTa 2 kaLai OVK
04 marugElarA O rAghavA jayanthashrI Adi thyAgarAja
05 rAga tAna vAchaspati followed by a detailed Emani delupudura gOpAla i mahilo ne vAchaspati Adi 2 kaLai vINA seshaNNa and
06 tillAna kAnaDa vINA sEshaNNa
07 nI nAma rUpamulaku mangaLa sourAshtra Adhi thyAgarAja

Attended a concert of Chitraveena N Ravikiran (supported by his student Vishal Sapuram) and the young brigade oc carnatic music at Bangalore Gayana Samaja.. 

Need I say more. a 200% bliss concert . Am in a trance now unable to write anything. Will write a review when I'm out of it..

Now that Im out of it... here are few words about the concert..

Ravikiran began the cocnert with a maTya tALa varNa composed by vINA sEshaNNa. The composition exploits the glory of pUrvikalyani in full form in a small span of varNa. Even though it was presented as composed, Ravikiran elaborated the structure and nuances of the composition with a 3 minute interaction.

A very small dhEnuka AlApane lead into the rAmAbhi rAma composition, once again a composition of vInA sEshaNNa.

A quick dwijAvanthi AlApane and he presented his favourite composer's composition on Krishna @ pandrApur.

Another injustice in as many days on MarugElara.. which was a filler. Irrespective of whether its a filler / a good long  presentation, marugElara evokes a good resonance in me.

Spacious alapane of vAchaspati and the keerthane Emani delpudura once again y vINA sEshaNNa with evocative nerval and lively swara and other musical embellishments. Scintillating with good violin accompaniment Akkarai SubhAlakshmi, Manjunath BC on mridanga and N Amruth and Giridhar Udupa enhanced the concert with their top class performance. Different laya patterns of the rAga came to the fore as music kept gushing forth.

3 Percussions paired up very well to produce an excellent tani.

The stage was set now to pace down the concert with a lilting kAnaDa tillAna followed by mangaLa.

For those who attended the concert, regaled in the cracker of a concert !! Others just missed being in bliss for 2 hrs.

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