Monday, 22 October 2018

2018 Oct 21 TrichurBrothers BKRaghu TrichurMohan DVVenkatasubramaniam @ 49thBGSConference

Vocal: Vid Trichur Brothers 
Violin: Vid B K Raghu 
Mridanga: Vid. Trichur Mohan 
Ghata: Vid. D V Venkatasubramaniam 

Occasion: 49th BGS Conference

01 Sumukaikadanta  kapila  saraswati Adi varNa swAmi xxx bhArathi (O)

02 gOpAlaka pAhimAm rEvagupthi tripuTa swAthi thirunAL (O, S)
Swaras at gOpAlaka

03 ranganAyakam bhAvayE nAyaki Adi m.dhIkshitar

04 ShObillu saptaswara jaganmOhini rUpaka tyAgarAja
Swaras at shObhillu

05 mOkshamu galadhA sAramathi Adi tyAgarAja (A, N, S, T)
Nereval at vINA gAnamu (instead of vAdana) lOluDau
Swaras at shivamanO

06 bAla gOpAla krishnan misra mAND YK 

07 lakshmI kAntA bArO mOhana Adi p.dAsa (O)

08 Om namO nArAyaNa karNaranjani k chApu ambujam krishNa

09 rAga tAna pallavi bEhAg ChaturaSra triputa on samam
VAranAsi purapathim..bhaje vishwanAtham
Swaras in rItigauLa, dEsh, sindhubhairavi

10 harivarAsanam hariharasuthAshtakam madhyamAvati kambamgudi kulathur iyer

11 mangaLa shlOka

I have been contemplating to restart my attendance to my favourite music concerts for quite some time. However my vocational responsibilities has been overtaking to be on top priority for quite some time in the last one year. Gayana Samaj brought a healthy list of concerts as a part of their 49th Annual festival and triggered my interest to attend the concerts. While the list is quite attractive, let me see how many of them I can attend  / make it to some of them because of my personal engagements.

Today to Trichur brothers attempt to start off something new with a varna they never presented earlier was a welcome change, than the usual set of varnas. They presented Saraswati Raga varNa composition of a Swamiji containing the 16 names of Ganpati. The brief for intro through rEvagupti outline opened up a flood of swaras from the krithi that followed.

muttuswAmi dIkshitar composition in nAyaki - ranganayakam was a perfect diffuser between two fast paced songs that not only demonstrated their ability to think fast but also to be creative. 

The detailed sAramati AlApane and the very popular mOkshamu Galada occupied almost 1 hour 20 minutes of the entire 3 hour concert duration.  After few fillers in mAND, mOhana and karNaranjani , it was 8:45 in the evening when they asked whether we have time for china Pallavi, interestingly audience cheered for it and for next 30 minutes was spent into detailing the Pallavi. There was no reference shared towards the origin of Pallavi line. rAgamalika swaras in rItigauLa , dEsh and Sindhu Bhairavi very very interesting. A very evocative Harivarasanam (seems to be the song of the season) brought out tears in the eyes of the audience as they also participated in singing the song. This 3 hour concert would be in our memories for long time. BK Raghu on the violin was clearly heard throughout the concert. Percussion duo of Trichur Mohan and Venkat Subramaniam were apt not only in their tani but also through the concert. It was a well spent evening with Trichur Brothers.

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