Friday, 13 January 2017

Learning how to squander

Given the rather crowded phalanx of artists (particularly young ones yet to fully establish themselves) that is at the vanguard of Carnatic music today, squandering an opportunity to perform in front of a discerning audience is sacrilege; yet that is exactly what a bunch of youngsters did at the recent YUVA festival organised by Sri Rama Lalita Kala Mandira. 

The line up was quite star-studded. A master in his own right: Sikkil Gurucharan; Old gun on the circuit, but new to Bangalore - AS Murali; Debutant Mahadevan ShankarNarayanan; The 3 generation Trio on Violin; and another artist on Debut season at Bangalore - Dr. Padma Sugavanam.

All the artists had full 3 hours each to show their potential and make a mark on the rasikas of Bangalore. Except for Junior Shankarnarayanan, the other 3 vocalists squandered the opportunity through a trimmed performance.

The full 3 hours slot was used by none, non-co-operative voice adding to the issue with one of them, missing pre-concert discussion to sing an RTP with the other and at last but not the least, peeping into lyrics even for a tried and tested kriti, dropped my thrill of following up my Chennai season attendance.

But while whatever that was presented was aesthetically crystal clear, I left each of the concerts wanting more and in a disappointed mood.

It's a coincidence, writing this review on the birthday of one of Bangalore's most famous and favoured sons was born. The most popular meme on THE WALL which I have come across goes "when your name is Rahul, make it Dravid and not Gandhi!"

Sad to see a bunch of Rahul's move the Gandhian way.....

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