Sunday, 26 January 2014

2014 Jan 25 Dr L Subramaniam , Ambi Subramaniam and Team @ yAmini, IIM Bangalore

The annual cultural affair of IIM Bangalore had a promising list of artists, of whom I planned to attend the first 2. 

The evening that was supposed to start at 6.00 as per the advertisement online, did not even give a hint of starting at 6.45. Many ontime rasikas were left drooling seeing the fuss of the main artists on the love for Base and reverb adjustments that consumed more time than the concert itself.

Violin Duet : Dr L Subramaniam, Ambi Subramaiam
Mridanga: Vid V V Ramana Murthy
Ghata: Vid Giridhar Udupa
Khanjira : Vid Sateesha Pathakota
Morsing: Vid Sateesh Sai

The evening started with a kalyANi varna that was improvised further and a kApi composition (?) with rAgamAlika swaras.

My efforts of annoying my people at home to attend a concert of an artist of this caliber was all went in drain !!.

Poor accompaniments.. they did not even get a chance for a tani.

For an artist who is in the music circle for such a long time, the amount of fuss only indicated that there is a long way to go in demonstrating the professional aspect of the art. No doubt about the mastery on the instrument, but listening to 45 mins of concert was not worth it.

However, whatever was performed was worth listening.

Indeed the whole evening affair was totally drained out by the poor audio system and ind adequately skilled sound engineers on the job. The grand old concert of the same duo that i heard at the Mysore Palace premises almost a decade ago was far more soothing than this one.

Organizers have a long way to go to claim this as their flagship cultural programme. The various advertisements contained various (conflicting) start time. I could overhear someone saying that it was at 7.00 pm as he read in the news paper. Upcoming management graduates cannot set this as an example in their professional career ! poor respect for time 

This leaves me with a question. Answers as comments to this post is welcome. Do we, as we grow, complicate and create a complex personality for ourselves ??

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  1. The art of making simple things into complex ones - That is known as management :D


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